For my week in Argyll (Read all about it here!), I decided to give my skin and daily routine a break by not wearing any make up at all. Well, except from Carmex lip balm because without it I feel lost!I though, I’ll be in the middle of nowhere, no one is going to care if I don’t have a full face of foundation on. Its a scary step for me because I’ve always been pretty self conscious of my broken nose but I actually found it pretty empowering The fresh air paired with a couple of Superdrug mud masks has really cleared up some stubborn spots, so overall I think my skin is thanking me for it! However, I feel a million times more confident now I’m re-united with my cosmetics collection, so I’ve been thinking about why women wear make-up, or why they don’t, and whether its similar to how I feel. Read on to see the answers from lots of lovely Edinburgh Bloggers in response to my wee ‘Psychology of Make-up’ survey.

“I wear make up as I feel like it’s a part of my identity and when I go all out I feel like I can express myself with it.
When I don’t wear make up its usually cause I want to give my skin a chance to breathe but I feel self conscious without it.”


“I wear make up because I think it makes me look better. I’m really pale so notice uneven skin tone and blemishes, even tiny ones. I also look a bit unwell if I don’t have any blusher on! I think you can also express a bit of your personality through make up-I like the vintage look so am a fan of eyeliner flicks and a bright lip. 
When I don’t wear make up it is usually because I’m exercising or having a day in the house. I would rarely go out without any on.”


– Kayleigh Crawford from
“I wear make-up because I actually like applying on my face! I enjoy all the stages and I love how it looks on my face! 
I also wear makeup to help cover up any blemish and my rosy red cheeks! 


I look about 12 without makeup on!”
– Emma Langlands from
I wear make up mainly due to how creative you can be with it. Like fashion, I think make up is great way to express yourself. I also will wear simple make up as I do feel I look my best with it on. 
If I am not wearing make up it is either down to letting me skin breath or down to laziness ha. I wouldn’t feel good going to events or meeting friends without make up but I feel like I can go out without it if I’m just going to the shops or work.”


– Emily Anne Campbell from
 “I wear makeup to signal to myself that I’m dressing up and showing up for the day, or to feel/look more professional on camera, or at events. Most days though, I don’t wear makeup because I forget or don’t feel like it”
Xandra Robinson-Burns
“It depends. Daily I wear it to cover blemishes but if my skins good I don’t. If I’m going out its to be creative and see what she look I can create”
“I wear makeup if I’m going out to meet friends, to an event, or if I have a meeting – but I don’t tend to wear much and it tends to be mostly lipstick and a bit of eyeliner. It makes me feel like it’s more of an occasion. 

Day-to-day I’d feel naked without some kind of lipstick or gloss, but I usually don’t wear any other than that.”
“I wear a full face of make up if I’m going to an event as I feel it polishes the whole look together. Day to day at least some tinted lipstick and some chapstick gives my skin abit of a glow if I’m wearing nothing else”

– Cera Kamonji from

“Day to day, I don’t wear much make up (only for eyebrows) bc I’m lazy and I want to lie in as much as possible for work, so spending time doing up my face is something I can give up on.

I put a bit more effort into wearing make up when I’m going out for an event or special occasions, so whenever I dress up bc I feel like your whole look isn’t complete without it. I’m wearing a nice dress, I’m all dressed up, but my face isn’t? I just don’t feel right without it, even if it’s just some mascara, lipstick and eyeliner”

– Michelle Cunningham from


Why do you wear make-up, or why don’t you? Let me know in the comments!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx



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  1. This was such an interesting read! I wear make-up mostly because as a pale girl, I feel a little zombie like without it. I think it's nice to put in some effort in your appearance when you're meeting friends, and it gives me a confidence boost when I wear extra make-up on a night out. x

  2. I don't wear makeup and never really have. I grew up with three older brothers and inevitably was quite a tomboy and really struggled to understand why my teenage friends wanted to slap a load of stuff all over their face and cover up their natural beauty. I thought it made them look really fake. When I was at uni I loved lipstick and eyeliner but apart from those I didn't use any other products. Now in my 40s I don't use anything. I prefer to go makeup free and I think my skin is so much better for it. I'm constantly shocking people when I tell them I'm 45. I think I'm quite unique amongst my friends and peers as I think most of them 'have' to wear makeup every day. I couldn't imagine having to put makeup on everyday – I've got better things to do with my time.

  3. Sinead sent me a link to your blog Ruth, so I was having a wee look and read! And I was naturally drawn to this one about make-up. Wearing make-up is a very personal and intimate process/ritual for each individual. And people are amazed when I tell them my profession and ask, as a make-up artist, why I don't wear make-up.

    My relationship with make-up is firstly as an artist: make-up products are my paint; the brushes, my tools; and the human face and body, my canvas. I would much rather create a make-up on someone else, rather than myself, as I can be more objective and creative.
    To create a make-up is to create a statement, a message, an emotion, confidence…

    I do sometimes wear make-up, and I love having the freedom to choose whether I do or not,as I am comfortable with how I look, with or without make-up.
    Thanks for writing this blog and making me think about this.