Hey, Ruth here! I am loving this rare sunny weather in the UK right now, and there’s nothing better than cracking out your favourite shades and soaking in some vitamin D. But this year I decided to try something a little different when I came across American sunglasses brand Sum Company.


Created by Darren Goldman and Eric Mann, this unique eyewear has 145 different colour combinations because the arms, frame and lens are completely interchangeable, AND at only $25 a pair!

They are completely easy to customise, with a really simple mechanism. Check out the website http://sumcompany.com where you can pick from a huge range of styles, to the sunglasses themselves which you simply snap of and click on the different parts.

I received a beautifully packaged box complete with clean, modern soft cases containing two pairs of smoke-lens shades, along with black, tortoiseshell, blue and yellow arms and faces. That already gives me so many designs to try out- and I’m tempted to order some more options, if only they shipped to the UK (the guys promised they’d look into this though)!

‘We are two guys that wanted to go out and prove that anything is possible, so we came up with the idea to create a company. We didn’t really care so much about the name so we just went with Sum Company. It started to take on a bigger meaning as we thought more and more about it.
We are revolutionizing the way people express themselves through the way they dress.
Sum Company stands for the idea that anyone can go out and do anything. We are on a mission to show that anything is possible as long as you pursue your dreams. The main idea behind our brand is to be able to express yourself.’

My favourite combo is black frames with tortoiseshell arms, which I will be wearing all summer; did I mention they give 100% UV protection too? Check this amazing brand out at http://sumcompany.com and on their eponymous social media feeds.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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