It’s no secret that women tend to have a slight obsession with shoes; enviously looking at Khloe Kardashian’s shoe closet to breaking a few toes in order to wear those killer heels, who can blame us? Cinderella married a prince because of a pair of glass slippers! So, If you love shoes, love looking at shoes and breaking a heel automatically leads to a broken heart, do keep reading. I have discovered an amazing designer ‘Tony Bianco’ (Look at his Instagram to get your shoe fix @tonybianco


My favourite pair of shoes from his collection is without doubt ‘KENDRICK’ (pictured here). Cut out shoes have been growing in popularity for roughly a year now and (until the cold weather comes in) I can’t imagine they’ll be any less in demand. Cut out shoes offer an effortless but striking look, they’re definitely first on my long list (the list of shoes I’ll never be able to afford.) They are the epitome of smart casual.

‘FOXI’ is their name and they’re fantastic. Ballerina both in style and the angle they put your foot in, I’d take the risk of hurting myself just so I could wear them. Classy yet manage to have an edge to them, why haven’t I got them already?! (skint)

Next up: ‘DILLA’. I love these; they’re certainly easier to wear from day to day, unless you’re like Kim Kardashian who has some supernatural ability to not feel her feet and walk around in heels all the time. These shoes will smarten up near enough any outfit and the fact they’re shiny makes them all that more attractive. 
Last but certainly not least is ‘PRISTINE’. These are the super comfortable, Chelsea boot, a great companion for winter. They offer the ‘heavy’ footwear look but are not clunky, plus they look great with literally anything, thick socks and tights to skinny jeans, mom jeans, the list go’s on and on. If you haven’t got a pair already I seriously recommend them.
Sarah @ Urbanity xxx

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