On Friday, Jack and I were treated to a date night at the Odeon cinema at Fort Kinnaird to see the newly released Disney film Moana. Check out the trailer; it was honestly one of the best kid’s movies I’ve ever seen. Starring the legend that is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and full of adorable animated animals and beautifully depicted Polynesian islanders, we couldn’t resist grabbing two premier tickets to see Moana, the story of a demigod and a badass princess fighting to save an ancient paradise island and its people. Its full of catchy songs that will stick in your head all day, and is just as emotional as it is hilarious. Total harmless fun for all ages. I have zero shame when it comes to seeing Disney films at the cinema! 

I’d never been to Fort Kinnaird before and was pleasantly surprised by the huge variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment, with the luxurious 7 screen Odeon standing out next to some fabulous bars and eateries, with even a mini Costa Coffee inside. We were so grateful to be greeted by some really friendly staff as soon as we came in and at the cash desk, and offered to upgrade to premium seating (for a 5″11 girl I always appreciate extra legroom!). 
Of course, no cinema trip is complete without the movie snacks. Jack got a Tango Ice Blast in sour grape flavour and a hot dog with mustard, and I got a raspberry Tango Ice Blast with a large salty popcorn (although J finished the majority of it!). Overall it was a really fab cinema experience-totally worth the extra journey from the city centre to get better service, more choice and a more spacious location with loads of car parking. 10/10 would recommend!



Odeon Fort Kinnaird can be found in the Fort Kinnaird retail park located off the A1 Newcraighall Junction. Plenty of Lothian bus routes take you straight there! Check it out for yourself here:
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