What jeans did I even wear before Topshop’s High Waisted Joni Jeans? Once you buy a pair of these it’s very difficult to return to the normal, sitting on the hips average kind of jeans. Topshop have been selling these Joni Jeans for roughly two years (I’m not entirely certain how long they’ve been selling them but you should probably already have a pair.) But, why are these jeans so great? 

 First off-they are super flattering. It doesn’t matter if you buy them in black, blue, white or whatever other colour they come in, they look great. The jeans hug your legs without making it look like the circulation in your ankles and feet are cutting off. Plus, high waisted jeans elongate your legs which is only ever a good thing. 
They also feel way more comfortable. Perhaps it’s due to the fact you don’t have to pull them up as often as ordinary jeans, or the light denim their made from doesn’t feel as heavy. In other words, they don’t have the ‘ugh I can’t wait to change into my pyjama bottoms’ after a long day of wearing them.

Finally, they’re very versatile. Crop tops (super flattering with high waisted jeans), oversized shirts, t-shirts, they literally go with any top you’re wearing, the same applies to shoes! 

However, they may be my favourite jeans but they also have their flaws. I only buy the black Joni Jeans so this may not apply to all colours) I find that the colour fades within about 2-3 months. It’s not so bad as I do wear and wash these jeans often, although it would be nice for them to stay black for slightly longer. Also, you can’t wear a belt with them! It’s tragic, but these jeans do not have belt loops! (The belt isn’t needed to keep them up, more for accessories) Despite these minor flaws, I highly suggest adding a pair of these jeans to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.

Urbanity xxx
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