One semester at university I was assigned to write a couple of reports on a fashion retailer of my choice, so naturally I opted for one of my favourite shops on the high street.Anthropologie is utterly unique in my eyes, offering a diverse assortment of women’s fashion, accessories and home décor which exhibits global influences from independent designers, so I wanted to share with you guys my Report on Anthropologie Edinburgh and my Report on Anthropologie as a company for anyone interested in the world of fashion retail. 

Pictured is me in my favourite embroidered crop top, which is now on sale! 

Read more to check out my Anthropologie wishlist, all currently on sale, now with an extra 20% off, and click on the pictures to shop now!

Felicity Belted Skirt £49.56 (£88.00)
Quincy Swing T-Shirt £32.76 (£58.00)
Tasmin Cross Body Bag £39.16 (£98.00)

Saskia Cupro Dress £71.96 (£128.00)

Liana Suede Heels £77.56 (£138.00)
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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