Have you ever dreamed of being half woman, half stag? Ever dreamed of dressing as a McQueen-esque muse?
Last month I had the incredible opportunity to model for creative director Cait Owens, a studying make up artist completing her final portfolio, and be photographed by the endlessly talented Daina Renton
We scouted for locations for hours but ended up on the stunning South Queensferry beach right underneath the old Forth Road Bridge, a perfect Scottish backdrop for my high waisted red tartan trousers, black suede ankle boots, white ruffled Victorian-style blouse, maroon leather gloves, and of course, this stunning antler headpiece that now sits proudly in my living room as we speak.

Sometimes, life presents weird opportunities. When one of them involved being stared at by old ladies in a small beach village, followed by sitting in costa for lunch wearing a crazy get-up, then I say hell yes.






I cannot emphasise enough how talented Cait Owens is. She can make even the ugliest of mugs (i.e. me) and turn it into a perfectly contoured goddess of make up.  Having worked with her also on a couple of photoshoots for Witch Way Magazine (see here) I would recommend her as one of Scotland’s best upcoming MUAs, with a true passion for her craft, an excellent knowledge of the fashion industry, and both professional and down-to-earth.



Ruth @ Urbanity xxx


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