A little bird once told me that the worst men often give the best advice. I do not pride myself on being the best dressed, but I adore doling out my fashion advice or dressing others. I believe that it’s not about WHAT you wear, but how you wear it, and the image of yourself that you’d like to project, whether that’s hashtag girl boss or super chilled effortless chic.

  • A is for Accessories! Keep them minimal. Take one piece of jewellery off before you leave the house. Less is more.
  • B is for Body Positive! Read my blog post all about dressing to cheer up those bad body days.
  • C is for Capsule Wardrobe! Have closet clear-outs to keep things fresh, or build a capsule like Tartan Brunette.
  • D is for Dress for the Job You Want (not the job you have)! Obviously this doesn’t apply if you have a uniform!
  • E is for Eco Dressing! Shop with the environment in mind, and your clothes will be making a difference! Try ASOS Eco Brands or shop locally at The Scottish Design Exchange.
  • F is for Fashion, “Shmashion”! Forget what the trends this season are, wear what makes YOU happy!
  • G is for Go Charity Shopping! You can find the most unique (and cheap!) clothing in charity shops, just be prepared to hunt and ruffle though lots of junk first!
  • H is for Have 5 Style Staples! Invest in the items you can’t live without. Mine are black jeans, long boots, duster coats, striped t-shirts and pinafore dresses.
  • I is for Inspiration is Everywhere! Look to the streets for fashion ideas, or browse through some style blogs. My favourites are In The Frow and The Blonde Salad.
  • J is for Jogging Wear! I’ve realised how good it looks to mix sportswear into your everyday wardrobe. Rock the sports luxe look with soft joggers worn with heeled boots, or wear a retro bomber jacket with high waisted jeans.
  • K is for Keep Warm! So many times I have made the fatal mistake of sacrificing my extremities for fashion, but now I can look good and keep warm with clever layering!
  • L is for Lint Rollers! With thin, bleached blonde hair, I am constantly malting on my (mostly black) clothes, so lint rollers are gold dust! I also found out today you can fix bobbly coats and tops with a disposable razor!
  • M is for Menswear! Three words: Steal. His. Jumpers. (And t-shirts. All the baggy t-shirts!) 
  • N is for Near Misses! Sometimes, you have to really take a style risk to get an amazing outfit. If it feels a bit to much, its probably not. Let go of the fashion fear!
  • O is for Online Shopping! I’m notorious for being obsessed with surfing the web for clothes, but I’ve learnt to make use of free delivery,  easy returns and discount codes like there’s no tomorrow. Never pay full price, and read the size guides!
  • P is for Pyjamas! You know your favourite PJs, the ones that are soft and comfy and just feel gorgeous? Wear clothes that make you feel like that! Go for silky shirts, wide leg trousers, roomy smock dresses and fluffy cardigans.
  • Q is for Quietly Brilliant! Why be the girl who constantly changes her look to tirelessly keep up with fads and trends, when you could be the effortlessly chic, timeless fashionista?
  • R is for Red Lipstick! A good friend taught me that a slick of postbox red will fix even the dreariest make up look.
  • S is for Skinny Jeans! Buy the ones that feel a wee bit too tight, as they will stretch over time. Wash inside out to preserve the shape and colour. Avoid annoying fake pockets!
  • T is for Treat Yo Self! As Donna Meagle would encourage us, treat yourself to what you’ve been lusting after. true fashion satisfaction often doesn’t come by searching ‘price: low to high’
  • U is for Underwear! Christian Dior once famously said that: “Without foundation, there can be no fashion”. Get a good bra fitting and wear what makes you feel sexy AND comfortable.
  • V is for Velvet! I learnt from my wonderful Mum that velvet is, and always will be, the perfect fabric for ANYTHING.
  • W is for White Jeans! I tried white jeans. They looked awful! I learnt from my mistake. We all have something that doesn’t work for us, and we have to move on to something new.
  • X is for X-ray vision! No one has it. No one knows what your body looks like under those clothes, so stop worrying that your body can’t pull off certain looks. You rock that body con dress!
  • Y is for Yell it Louder! Got something to say? Wear it on a slogan T-shirt! Let your personality show in your style!
  • Z is for Zips and Buttons! Learn a few simple sewing skills and you’ll be equipped to ‘make do and mend!’
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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