Symmetry is nice. I love it within architecture (inherited from my Mum’s love of symmetrical houses) and nature, and of course in beauty, as I’ve always longed for a face that wasn’t ‘blessed’ with a crooked nose and misaligned jaw! 

However, when it comes to fashion, A-symmetry is the new way to dress. 

Much cooler than the status quo, styling looks together that don’t quite line up is effortless. Anything from mismatched earrings (although maybe shoes would be too far!) to a draped dress,  a-symmetry is easy as pie. 

A few recent purchases have now become wardrobe staples, and it was only yesterday that I realised the a-symmetrical trend has infiltrated by style in a huge way.

This dress have very quickly become my most-worn item in the closet. I got it from the spring sale at Urban Outfitters. A total bargain, yet really great quality (super-soft grey marl jersey) and a cutting edge drape design, it can so easily go from day to night and it’s my go-to for workwear. T-shirt dresses like these are an absolute staple, just throw on and you’re ready to go; both comfy and stylish.
This H&M creation makes me feel like a total greek goddess or an ancient roman in a toga with a twist. The long-and-short hem draws the eye up towards the gorgeous twist detail in the centre, which helps create that desirable hourglass shape. I wore this bad boy to the launch of SDX Fashion, and even appeared on STV live!


The guilt of shopping in Primark often gets to me, but often I can’t deny how great it is for basics and staples like this classic LBD. Made from a silky fabric mix, it floats perfectly over the body, and I was obviously drawn to the diagonal, a-symmetric hem too, for something a little bit different. The spaghetti straps I also adore, another big (90s inspired) trend coming back in again.
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx


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