If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, what would I tell you? Humour me as I download over a chai latte. Or a dark, rich mocha from one of my favourite Edinburgh coffee shops, Lovecrumbs. Thank you to Scottish blogger Eleanor Duffy for tagging me in this get-to-know-me post. And for anyone who’s reading this, you’re tagged too! It has been a while since I’ve written a more personal post on Urbanity, and I thought I’d inject a bit more of my lifestyle into the sea of fashion. I’m so humbled to have a growing number of readers, so hello to the newbies, and here’s a little bit about me. 


If we were having coffee: 
I’d tell you that I’m currently juggling a few too many balls. I hate it at times, having no energy or free time, but mostly I love keeping busy. Since a young age I’ve been very ambitious, and confident in multi-tasking. Although my time management skills could do a little better, and I definetely need more sleep and exercise, I usually feel on top of things. Currently I’m studying a Fashion Communication degree pretty much full time,  which involves styling, photographing, art directing, designing, analysing, marketing, writing, amongst many other aspects of the fashion industry. This is whilst working tirelessly for my job (and passion project) at The Scottish Design Exchange,  where I manage fashion, textiles and digital marketing, writing freelance for some publications, trying to keep consistent with the blog, and maintaining some form of social life. Find out a day in the life of busy old me: http://www.urbanity-blog.com/2017/01/a-day-in-life-of-busy-blogger.html
If we were having coffee: 
I’d tell you that since winning Blogger of the Year at the Herald Fashion Awards less than 6 months ago, Urbanity has really taken off and I’m overjoyed that my work feels like its been worth it finally. From getting blogger mail to looking at monetizing, and from exciting collaborations and events to an upcoming site redesign, things are only going up, and its an exciting time for me. Even though as a blogger I am younger (I turned 20 in December) and less experienced (Urbanity is approaching its 2nd birthday soon) than many others, I feel able to stick to my guns and slowly build Urbanity up to where I want it, amongst the bloggers I have always admired. Fame and fortune are not realistic, thats for sure, but to have this extensive portfolio of my writing has allowed me to advance in my career, from getting freelance writing and social media jobs, to forming connections and networks that make all the difference later on.



If we were having coffee: 
I’d tell you that lately, my mental health is better than ever. For nearly 10 years I’ve struggled with my own mind, usually manifesting in the form of anorexia and bulimia, but I’m finally at a  physically and mentally healthy state now, and to say its a relief would be an understatement. After an extremely shitty adolescence spent in and out of hospitals, a few months ago I was discharged from eating disorder services, so I’m standing on my own two feet now, doing my best at happiness and health. Finally, I’d tell you that I owe most of this to my boyfriend Jack, who I am totally head over heels for, and can’t wait to decorate our new place. I’m a hopeless romantic, I know. Cheesy but true.

If we were having coffee: 
I’d tell you that my current obsessions are Pinterest (I recently made a new account for the blog. Follow me over at https://uk.pinterest.com/urbanityblog/), Project Runway (yassss, finally on Netflix- throwback fashion heaven), Little Lies (an awesome Scotland-based fashion e-com store) and Show Studio, the home of fashion film and fashion illustration where I will be interning during the summer!

PS. I love you Lovecrumbs. Just saying.
Go follow —> https://www.instagram.com/hellolovecrumbs/

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