Edinburgh’s Best Coffee Shops

I am no stranger to a Starbucks, Costa or Caffe Nero, for convenience, location, choice, price and consistency.  However, lately I have been trying to make more of an effort to get my caffeine fix at independent coffee shops instead.

Since moving to Edinburgh, I’ve really enjoyed sampling the huge selection of artisan coffee roasters and cute wee cake shops all over the city. There’s no way I like to spend my mornings off work more than catching up with friends over a cappuccino, or blogging away in a quiet corner with a chai latte. 

Here I’ve compiled my Top Ten independent coffee shops in Edinburgh. What are yours?

1. Best for homemade cake and cosy seating: Lovecrumbs (Westport/Grassmarket)

2. Best for ethical treats and health foods: Earthy       (Canonmills & Portobello)

3. Best for the most delicious local coffee: Artisan Roast (Broughton Street, Stockbridge, Bruntsfield)

4. Best for coffee on the go: Machina Espresso (Brougham Pl)

5. Best for a sit-down lunch: Burr & Co (George St)

6. Best for breakfast and brunch: Project Coffee           (Bruntsfield Place)

7. Best for seaside afternoon tea: Porto & Fi                  (Newhaven Harbour)

8. Best for charitable, enterprising caffeine: Social Bite          (Rose St & Shandwick Place)

9. Best for true coffee connoisseurs: Brew Lab                       (South College St & Queensferry St Lane)

10. Best for customer service and decor: Black Medicine Coffee (Nicolson St and Bruntsfield Pl)

(Pictures from company websites)

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

One thought on “Edinburgh’s Best Coffee Shops

  1. Emily Campbell says:

    Loved this post. I've been trying to go to more independent coffee shops too, though it's so easy so slip into a Starbucks or Costa (as they are alas everywhere)

    Need to try out Machina Espresso!


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