The Arches

New Waverley‘ is an exciting development in Edinburgh, including a re-vamped shopping mall, two brand new hotels and of course The Arches, the first stage of the project so far. The Arches are a series of salons, restaurants, cafes, shops and offices located in the unique Victorian architecture underneath the old Waverley bridge.  I was lucky enough to attend the launch party last month, and got to mingle with some fellow bloggers while getting an exclusive look at all the new independent business there. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to stay and take lots of pictures (or even a slice of free pizza!) My favourite arches tenants? Tempo Tea, Lauren Gollan and Buff…

Until recently, I was always slightly suspicious of Bubble Tea. Is it tea? Is it juice? Are bubbles edible? Why is it so expensive? Why are there so many flavours? However, when I was given a cheeky wee free sample on the launch night, I was hooked on this delicious drink. Tempo Tea Bar (which has a branch in Glasgow too) is the cutest, most kitsch, colourful and cool little arch on the street, and provides unbelievably tasty bubble tea. My new fave is Mango and Passionfruit with Strawberry Boba! The staff are really friendly, there is a wall of hilarious post-it messages to contribute to, and even a mini Photo Booth full of happy customers. I would 10/10 recommend! Check ’em out here:

The Arches are also a fabulous new destination for beauty, with Buff Concept store nail salon, and Lauren Gollan Academy of Make Up.

Buff’s interiors are stunning, totally minimalist cool which is right up my street, and they stock tons of great brands. 

Lauren Gollan is talented, experience MUA, and in her new studio she offers wedding/hen do/night out/event make up as well as tailored masterclasses, parties and group tutorials; also providing training to budding stylists and more.

You can check out these talented girl bosses and their thriving businesses on instagram: @buffcs and @laurengollanacademy.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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  1. says:

    I've got a voucher for Tempo Tea Bar, bubble tea is my favourite (and yes, it's classed as tea!) since I had my first cup in 2001. You can get proper classic ones at Chatime on Bank Street 🙂


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