10 Scottish Artists to fall in love with

This incredible Karl Lagerfeld portrait with extra added pink fabulousness is my the talented Mark Vice, and it will be mine one day, I’m sure of it.

My most colourful post in a while, scroll on to see my top ten favourite Scotland-based visual artists and painters. 

The best part? The work of all these wonderful artists is available to buy at The Scottish Design Exchange

I am in love with all this gorgeous artwork and want to decorate my new flat with them all. I’m sure you will love them too, but let me know your favourite in the comments!

1. Mark Vice

2. Michael Dawson 
3. Wendy Helliwell 

4. Jon Canty 

5. Emma Westwater (Source Design) 
6. Chris Kidd and Mikey Mathieson (Embryonic Art) 
7. Edd Wellesley-Davies (Eddscape) 
8. Ester Cohen 
9. Karl Stern 
10. Daryl McKee, Olivia Turner and Karen Fleming (DOK artists) 

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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