A throwback to beautiful Crete last summer

 Urbanity has recently joined Pinterest! It’s our go-to website for instant inspiration; you can follow us by clicking here. One of our favourite boards is Wanderlust ; a collation of amazing places to visit, so we condensed it down into a beautiful blog post with ten of our must-see destinations. We hope you are inspired to create your own travel bucket list!

1. Thailand

The magical festival of lights in Bangkok.
2. Bhutan

A stunning mountain pass in Taktshang Goemba, Bhutan, the world’s happiest country!

3. Iceland

Imagine bathing in a hot spring in snowy Iceland!

4. Egypt

The sphinx and great pyramid of Giza!

5. New Zealand 

These majestic mountains are in Banff National Park, Alberta.
6. USA

The striking Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California!

7. Brazil

The famous view in Rio de Janeiro that everyone has got to see at least once!
8. Japan

We’ve always wanted to see Tokyo at night!
9. Hungary

My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest….
10. Dubai
A perfect reflection of beautiful Dubai architecture at night

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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