Here are some blaring issues that drive me INSANE about the Scottish fashion industry. If you agree, please let me know your thoughts in the comments! Big thanks to Lynzi Leroy who encouraged the ideas behind this post, and whom I am inspired by every day to think outside the box.Β This gorgeous picture is from LS Productions for Tatler Magazine.

Tartan and Tweed Overload

There is SO much more to Scotland than tartan! Just watch The Scottish Design Exchange #SDXLoft promo video:

that shows how we are breaking away from the stereotypes, and check out my post on Emerging Scottish Fashion Designers here. I think tartan, tweed, argyll knits, kilts and cashmere have their important place in history and hugely contribute to our tourist industry, but the market is now so saturated, it’s time for something more contemporary!

Scottish Fashion Awards and talent moving to London

You may not believe it, but the SCOTTISH fashion awards take place in…ENGLAND!!! Celebrating local talent hundreds of miles from home seems suspicious to me. In general I find in my work that so many talented design graduates end up moving to London Β because of the lack of funding, support and opportunities, which is a shame because to build up our industry, we need to stop overlooking what we’ve already got and further fuelling the London-centric ego of the fashion world.

Fashion Shows in Edinburgh

I found Edinburgh Fashion Week incredibly enjoyable (see my snaps from the launch weekend here) but was disappointed for the second year running at the lack of actual EDINBURGH designers, apart from some ECA graduates. There are so many great fashion and accessory brands right here, and yet they weren’t showcased or even invited. Also, other fashion shows taking place in the capital always seem to be filled with High Street chains.Β 

What do you think?

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