New York is such a big city so there’s an awful lot to tell you about, welcome to part two of this post (read part one here!)


I’ll start off with one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had, I visited Ground Zero. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I’ve never seen the memorial in pictures let alone in real life. Despite being 5 years old when the Twin Towers were struck by the aircrafts I still remember seeing it broadcast on television as I’m sure many of us do. The memorials were beautiful, the delicate way in which they paid respect to those who lost their lives that day made me appreciate even more the amount of heroes trying to save lives, and made you feel for those who didn’t make it and the impact it has on their family. It was the most silent place in the city, showing that in a city that is constantly on the move and expanding empathy and respect will always be found.

Buddy Valastro, a wizard when it comes to all things baking, so much so he has his own TV show and goes by then name ‘Cake Boss’. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit one of his busy baking stores, his very busy baking stores. The minute I walked in it was packed full of people lusting after pastries, cakes and all that sweet sugary stuff, it made Greggs look like child play. There were ticket machines right at the door, yes that’s right, ticket machines…for cakes (ahhh America). I pressed the button on the ticket machine and a bright red ticket with the number ’72’ printed on it. I managed to overhear the lady working behind the counter shout for ticket number 23. Being an impatient British person I wasn’t willing to wait for 49 other people to be served before me (was I really that desperate for a cupcake?) so I had one glance at the cannolis and left empty handed, disappointed that my impatience got the better of me.

 Macy’s. Where to even begin, the ground floor is Jenners x50. What you see in the picture on the left is a never ending horizon of make up stands stretching into the distance, counter after counter, pictures of models, celebrities and Christmas box deals pilled on top of one another was never ending. Stampedes of early bird New York Christmas shoppers bustling about with bags and shoulders like iron to take out anybody who stood in their way. The bright beacon of America’s coffee giant Starbucks was everywhere, I swear there were two on one side of the bottom floor, shopping in a place like this you definitely need a pick me up of sugar laced coffee to keep you going. I didn’t even buy anything (apart from a Starbucks) despite the countless amount of tempting products on show. It was a blur of perfumes, escalators, bags, the sound of voices, high heels smacking against the marble floor and security. It was unbelievable, those who managed to get all their Christmas shopping in Macy’s are athletes. Despite the crazy nature of the place, I’d definitely go back and hope that there was a finish line to cross at the end of my spending spree with a bottle of water and a physiotherapist. If you’re in New York go to Macy’s, it is fantastic and everything I’d imagined it to be. 

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