A concrete jungle filled with bustling crowds, advertisements around every corner, a blur of yellow taxis and no time to rest, New York is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
Let’s start with the flight, which was basically 7 hours of endless opportunities not to be bored. Every seat had a TV on the back, you could listen to music, watch the newest films and TV programmes, play games and watch the flight path of the plane (which was only entertaining for about 3 seconds). If that wasn’t enough to keep you entertained you were constantly fed. It reminded me of being hungover minus the headache (eating and burning through time binging on films and wondering if you fell asleep at one point or not).

“God dammit get out of my way”- first words spoken to me by a native New Yorker and I was ECSTATIC. If you’re going to be a tourist you may as well get in people’s way right? After taking pictures of buildings and being thrilled by taxi’s I found myself in Times Square. The Times square. Giant faces on enormous TV’s bigger than the pretzels over there and what really caught me eye? SEPHORA (the holy grail of makeup stores). I go in, filled with questions to do with Kardashian-esk make up skills aka “how do I change my face with make up. GIVE ME ENVIABLE BONE STRUCTURE.” What can only be described as a Kylie Jenner on a budget type of experience, I walk out with 3 beauty blenders and foundations in different colours, some like make up spray thing, and the regret of spending a ludicrous amount of money trying to fund the make up skills I do not have. On the plus side the sales assistant (who was either VERY good at selling products or I have no will power, I want to say she’s good at selling but I know the truth and so does my bank account) done my make up so I was feeling very reality tv show ready that the day.      

The second day wasn’t so glamorous but much more enjoyable. Starting the day with my new make up and lack of make up skills, which can only be described as a trial and error approach to getting ready, I was set for The Statue of Liberty herself and Ellis Island. Filled with the history of America and the thrill of seeing something with your own eyes and not in pictures was incredible. Climbing up the stairs inside The Statue of Liberty made me realise that there is no hope for my calves but seeing the view of New York from there was totally worth the agonizing burning, breathless and quite simply humiliating process of climbing the stairs. Herded like sheep back onto the tourist boat and wondering how many people can actually fit on this before it sinks made me hope that my ruined legs could still support me to swim, we arrived at Ellis Island. Getting off of the boat onto the Island which had seen many past faces doing the same thing in hope for a better future was really quite touching. Thinking that the land you’re walking on was once hope for those that’d travelled hundreds of miles, the halls inside the grand building that had caused families to be separated, and ultimately forming America that we know today: a multicultural society. Both informative and enjoyable, the experience of getting a little glimpse into the history of America was fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough.  

As this is an extremely long post already it is being split into two parts (#2 is out tomorrow). I’ll be talking about visiting ground zero, the open top bus tour around the city, Macy’s, CAKE BOSS (If you watch TLC you’ll know who I’m talking about), ice skating in the typical New York Christmas fashion and fooooooood.

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