Although my bank account would sourly disagree, I am a true believer in retail therapy. Whenever I’m feeling down, a sparkly new pair of shoes, a new party dress or some colourful lipsticks never fail to cheer me up. 

Of course, I realise that it is beyond a cliche for bloggers to do ‘hauls’ that rub their perky financial situations in their reader’s faces, and thats why I have never done one before, but believe me when I tell you I am broke. And that after today’s spontaneous shopping spree, I’m back on a strict budget to save for my new flat, an you know, so I can eat. Also, thanks to the Summer sales, I got a few bargains, including heavily discounted Topshop (I’m talking a bra for £1) and H&M goodies, and a gorgeous new vintage rucksack from Godiva Boutique

As Donna from Parks and Recreation would say, Treat. Yo. Self. 

Anyway, read on for my thoughts on some lovely new products!

Sally Hansen
 First off, some cruelty-free (thats no animal testing, yay!) beauty products. I hadn’t been shopping in Lush for years, so I popped in for some miracles to save my dry, brittle, frizzy hair. The sales assistant in the Edinburgh Lush Spa store was a huge help! There was so much choice of various deep conditioning treatments, and I’m a really indecisive shopper, so she gave me four cute little sample posts so I could give them a try before I buy! She also suggested the Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler to help tame frizz between washes. I also picked up a lip scrub to see what all the fuss is about. It certainly does what it says on the tin, and smells like bubblegum! 

 I also popped into Sally’s Salon Services for some hair dye, as they always have a great colour selection. This time I opted for Crazy Colour in ‘Candyfloss’ and ‘Lavender’. I currently have pink hair, it’s looking good! And I picked up some Sally Hansen strengthening and lengthening base coats to save my weak ol’ nails. These brands are cruelty free too, wahey! 
Next, I bought some cheap-as-chips jewellery from the H&M sale. I’m a sucker for minimalist necklaces and geometric earrings, so these certainly hit the spot. Silver > Gold, any day of the week.
I’ve had my eye on this glittery Skinny Dip London iPhone case for ages, but while browsing through the Topshop sale for an LBD, I spotted these leopard print phone covers for just £4! Can’t go wrong. My phone no longer feels naked and vulnerable.
Now, the most successful purchase of the day, some new trainers from Office! After a great sadness of my busted old kicks, my faith in the world is restored as I finally found some Adidas shoes that suit me! These bad boys are a collar between Adidas and Rita Ora. Who knew?! All I care about is that they’re comfy as hell, and they go with every piece of black clothing I own.

Finally, I couldn’t resist some cheeky wee treats from the new NYX concession at Boots on Princes St. I’ve heard great things about this brand, which is totally vegan I was pleased to find out! SO I opted for the Angel Veil primer, Matte Finish setting spray, HD finishing powder, and tinted brow mascara.

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  1. Ooooh, I love the geometric earrings. So pretty. They have that boheme style… Really nice! I also really like the print panthers phone cover. Really cool. I have a thing for all things colorful and a bit extravagant ahah