After receiving the Savage Beauty book for Christmas and pouring over the jaw-dropping creations of Lee Alexander McQueen from his famous touring exhibition, I was thrilled to hear rumours of the upcoming biopic of the legendary fashion designer’s life to be directed by the talented Andrew Haigh. Read more about it on The Guardian, and scroll on to see an ode to his Most Memorable Shows and Collections, from one of my favourite blogs, Lets Talk About Beauty. As always, rest in peace Lee McQueen. There will never be anyone more inspirational to young fashion designers everywhere as you.

  • Highland Rape (Autumn/Winter 1995) : consider his breakthrough, one of his many more to come controversial collections.

  • Untitled, golden shower (Spring/Sumer 1998): The ribcage corset (cast from a human skeleton) is one of his most memorable pieces.

  • No.13 (Spring/Summer 1999): the shows were becoming performance of art, the highlight of this show is the super model “Shalom Harlow” stood on a revolving platform being spray painted live on the runway by two robots!

  • Voss (spring/Summer 2001): this show is one of the most famous catwalks in history, the audience was forced to see their reflections for over an hour in a giant mirrored cube were they could see the models but the models couldn’t see the public.

  • It’s only a Game (Spring/Summer 2005): McQueen transformed the runway into a chess game, bringing the game to life through the models.

  • Widows of Culloden (Autumn/Winter 2006): were the designer closed the show with a hologram video starring Kate Moss.

  • La Dame Blue (Spring/Summer 2008): Isabella Blow’s tribute (created only 5 month after his very good friend Isabella’s death), were the models walked through a huge set of metal angel’s wings.

  • The Horn of Plenty (Autumn/Winter 2009): one of his most extravagant projects.

  • Plato’s Atlantis (Spring/Summer 2010): the models walked the catwalk on his famous “Armadillo’s shoes” with Lady Gaga’s soundtrack (Bad romance).

  • Untitled (Autumn/Winter 2010): a day before his mother’s funeral, McQueen committed suicide in his apartment in London, his unfinished last collection is known as unique as was he.



My favourite picture of the legend himself!
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