I was devastated to wake up to a world without one of the greatest influences on music and fashion of the 20th century. Just 2 days ago, I was at a Bowie tribute night celebrating his life on his 69th birthday, so the timing of his death today, after an 18 month battle with cancer, is ironic. More than anything, Im beyond sad for my mum, Leah MacGilp, as he was her absolute hero and meant the world to her every year of her life. She asked me to do a blog post about his impact on fashion and culture, so read on if you want to know more about his legacy.



“Mr. Bowie wrote songs, above all, about being an outsider: an alien, a misfit, a sexual adventurer, a faraway astronaut. His music was always a mutable blend: rock, cabaret, jazz and what he called “plastic soul,” but it was suffused with genuine soul. He also captured the drama and longing of everyday life”. This quote from an article in The New York Times explains perfectly David Bowie’s legendary plasticity; his multiple, unpredictable identities and his ability to mould himself and the world around him into whatever his brilliantly creative brain decided was in vogue. Always an influencer, never a follower, Bowie stated “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”.

The man strutted his stuff to Fashion but his influence on the industry stretched far beyond the song itself. From liberating menswear; encouraging men everywhere to leap out of their comfort zone and into the androgynous, sexual era of freedom, colour and creativity, to stretching the boundaries of 20th century fashion trends into his own individual interpretations that Britain devoured and embraced into modern pop culture; Bowie had one of the strongest looks in music and that will never be forgotten.
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