The Aberdeen Fashion Game

As an Edinburgh resident working in retail, moving to The Granite City to study fashion at university was a big change. It’s interesting to compare the different street style looks, shopping opportunities, and attitudes towards clothing here.
I thought it would be good to talk with some girls from my Fashion Management course about their personal style and thoughts about Aberdeen compared to their home towns.


Fashion Films

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

A quick post tonight inspired by an article I read earlier about the greatest, latest Fashion Films on Business Of Fashion. You can read the full article here, but keep scrolling and click read more to watch my favourites from Kenzo, Miu Miu, Gucci and Alexander Wang. They’re a real visual treat to watch!


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Style by the Sea: Scottish Design Exchange

Ocean Terminal, a shopping centre in Leith by the sea, is what some may describe as a lifeless, generic mall, filled with chain restaurants, coffee giants, tacky stalls and high street shops. As someone who has worked there in two instances, I can agree to some extent, but in recent times, the clever people at the centre have been rejuvenating their reputation. By welcoming local creative talent to showcase and sell their products in various retail formats, Ocean Terminal has turned itself into a bustling design hub.


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Jack Hinks @ Cabaret Voltaire

Last weekend I was part of the audience at “Jack Hinks” headline gig held at Cabaret Voltaire, and it was quite some show. The collaboration of Guitar (Jack Hinks), Vocals (Jack Hinks and Fiona Liddell), Violins- yes two violinists! (Fiona Liddell and Hannah Dickson), Drums (Gab Zat) Piano (Sam Thorne) and Bass (Will Bleasedale) was so refreshing to see and had set my expectations high- I was certainly not disappointed, not even close.


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Boho Vintage Concept Store

During my adventures in Prague, Czech Republic, this week, I’ve discovered so many intriguing retail treasure troves. From pokey, dark little shopfronts filled with eccentric collections of antiques to huge thrift stores full of second-hand clothes to vinyl record and book shops with bargain classics lining the walls to flagship high-street and designer giants on the main shopping street. However, the one that stood out most to me was Boho, a “vintage concept store” pop-up….


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