5 Ways to Clear out your Closet

We’ve all had that moment when we stare hopelessly at a wardrobe crammed full of clothes, but have ‘nothing to wear’. I like to call it a Wardrobe Full Of Nothing. When this disheartening realisation occurs, one must clear out said closet. I wanted to show you some simple ways of disposing of unwanted clothes, rather than going for the not very sustainable ‘chucking them in the bin’ method!


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RIP David Bowie

I was devastated to wake up to a world without one of the greatest influences on music and fashion of the 20th century. Just 2 days ago, I was at a Bowie tribute night celebrating his life on his 69th birthday, so the timing of his death today, after an 18 month battle with cancer, is ironic. More than anything, Im beyond sad for my mum, Leah MacGilp, as he was her absolute hero and meant the world to her every year of her life. She asked me to do a blog post about his impact on fashion and culture, so read on if you want to know more about his legacy.



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Little Lies Party Wishlist

Little Lies is a Scotland-based online fashion boutique inspired by great tunes and beautiful things. They love 70’s boho style, anything to do with Led Zeppelin and all things festival. I’ve rounded up my favourite party pieces from the most recent collection in a short but sweet Little Lies wishlist full of sequins and sparkle.


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Birmingham Street Art

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word Birmingham?
Perhaps it’s the famous Selfridges building inspired by a Prada dress, the big dirty canal system, the old brass bull, or even the strong Brummie accent. 
For me, Birmingham will always be associated with my childhood, my upbringing, and my family and friends. 
But on a recent trip down south, a long walk around the city I used to call home brought new surprises in the way of unique street art.


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Vegan Beauty

New Year’s Resolution number one: continue working on veganising my life! For the past few months I’ve been making changed to my diet to try and exclude animal products, and had a think about my clothing choices too (see my cruelty-free fashion posts here and here) But the next step is to makeover my make-up bag! Toiletries and cosmetics are a tricky one, as I feel it is more ethical to finish using all my existing products instead of throwing them away, and in general, labelling is more complicated than it is on food. I’ve put together a shortlist of the best vegan and vegetarian beauty brands out there, for myself and anyone else making the decision to change their shopping habits for the better!


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