Body Positivity: How to Cope with Bad Body Image

I  have suffered immensely throughout my life with my body image; whether that be my height, weight, shape, size, facial features, hair, skin or whatever else my negative brain decides to hassle me about. But I am working to combat this through various techniques, which I will outline below (click read more to see my 5 ways of dealing with bad body image days. Disclaimer: This has several shameless selfies in a futile attempt at self love.


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The Fashion Library


My name is Ruth MacGilp, and despite that mysterious grade A in Higher English, I am terrible at reading. Fiction, that is. The only fiction books in my possession that have been read cover to cover are embarrassing teen flicks and romantic comedies, with the occasional classic by Bronte or Austen thrown in when I’m feeling brave. 
What I am excellent at, however, is being the proud owner of a 3-page-long Amazon wishlist of non-fiction books, which includes self-help guides and autobiographies, but overwhelmingly consists of Fashion books. Imagine my joy at being told explicitly by my lecturers to go out and read as much as I can about the industry, and having access to a fantastic library full of hidden fashion gems. 


Read more to here about my top 5!


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Boux Avenue: A Bra Fitting Review


A recent visit to lingerie boutique Boux Avenue (, during the Union Square shopping centre ( student lock-in, brought me two unwelcome surprises. 

Firstly, I discovered the bra size I thought I had was entirely wrong by a long shot, and secondly, I realised that the remainder of my student loan is going to have to be spent on the irresistible products at this ridiculously inviting store.


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World Mental Health Day

A little more serious than our usual jolly fashion posts, but when I saw it was World Mental Health Day today, I thought it apt to introduce you lovely readers to a little about my past and present experience with mental illness, and more importantly raise awareness, encourage sufferers to speak out and leave some important resources to click through.


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Friends and Fashion

 Since this blog began, we have been wanting to promote our friend and talented photographer Skye Lyon (see her website for more) and  creative fairy godmother Sinead McNulty
A perfect way to bring these two lovely ladies together along with ourselves (both dabbling models) was to get our glad-rags on and snap some spontaneous pictures for a mini fashion photoshoot on a rainy day in Ruth’s garden!


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