Fashion Revolution Week 2016

“The true Fashion Revolution will come when ‘Ethical Fashion’ is no longer a niche market. The future should aim for consumers tobe shopping for fashion that just so happens to be ethical. All aspects of production for all companies must be regulated, transparency demanded and fairness for workers and the environment held tantamount to design and price, and above profit. Ethical companies and ?#?WhoMadeMyClothes? are garnering change year on year, from consumer consciousness, to pressurising brands, to pushing those in government, powerful enough to alter garment, trade and work legislation to sanction those guilty of perpetuating injustice across supply chains. But in order for the injustices which surround the clothes we consume so freely to end, we as shoppers must first become aware of the humans behind our wardrobes, and remember them every time we see something we ‘need’.”


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Witch Way Magazine Fashion Editorial

In the past month, I’ve modelled in a couple of photoshoots for covers and editorials of ‘Witch Way Magazine’, styled and directed by my fabulous friend Daina Renton. The other models (Maddy, Cait, Kirsten, Lisa) and I were photographed by Marisa Bruce and Daina herself, and the wonderfully weird hair and make-up was courtesy of Cait Owens. 

Read more to see some of the fabulous shots from down in the Scottish Borders, and keep your eyes peeled for more shots to be published soon!


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Vegan and Cruelty-Free Suncare: Protect Your Skin This Summer

The weather today inspired me to write this post, as for the first time in many rainy days the sun shone and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; I actually sunbathed in the garden, such a rarity in Scotland (although don’t let the photos deceive you- it was taken in Crete)! 


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New Beginnings: Why I Dropped Out of University

Earlier this year I decided it was definitely a time for some spring cleaning. Not in the actual cleaning sense (if you saw my bedroom you’d understand!), but instead I took a big long look at different areas of my life, and where I could clear out the clutter. This meant recognising the right things to let go of, and planning new things to replace them. 

This all sounds rather vague, deep and meaningful, but it really boiled down to four categories: my career, my studies, my living situation, and my blog.


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Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show 2016

So if you’ve been following me on social media lately, you will know that once more I took part as a catwalk model for the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show 2016. (You can see my experience last year here!) The week consisted of six back-to-back shows in front of the audience, showcasing the designs of fashion, textiles and costume students from every stage at university. This picture on the left is by Gareth Easton (as are the other shots in this post) of me modelling the graduate collection by Alice Robinson, who is now off to London to do her masters. Congratulations to everyone involved, as I am sure you will agree if you saw the show, all the hard work definitely paid off.


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