A-symmetrical Style: How to Wear the Trend

Symmetry is nice. I love it within architecture (inherited from my Mum’s love of symmetrical houses) and nature, and of course in beauty, as I’ve always longed for a face that wasn’t ‘blessed’ with a crooked nose and misaligned jaw! 

However, when it comes to fashion, A-symmetry is the new way to dress. 

Much cooler than the status quo, styling looks together that don’t quite line up is effortless. Anything from mismatched earrings (although maybe shoes would be too far!) to a draped dress,  a-symmetry is easy as pie. 

A few recent purchases have now become wardrobe staples, and it was only yesterday that I realised the a-symmetrical trend has infiltrated by style in a huge way.


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The Trouble with Transitions

Change is hard for everyone, but I would say particularly in those with eating disorders. This makes any periods of transition difficult, so it is important to support sufferers going through big milestones in life, such as moving house or starting university. These are the circumstances in which I had to deal with both anorexia and bulimia whilst managing change.

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The Trouble with Depression

The trouble with depression is….It’s an illness, not a fleeting adjective.
As part of Depression Awareness Week, people have been sharing what living with depression is really like, using the hashtag #‎Whatyoudontsee‬ . 


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Foodie Heaven at Revolution Bar

Revolution Bar (or as I still call it, ‘vodka revs’) may be know for it’s delectable flavoured vodka shots and indulgent cocktails, but did you know they pride themselves on great food too? On Monday, me and my other half were treated to a meal from the brand new menu- Massive Tastes- to see what we thought. Read on to see my review of the food, the service and the atmosphere. 

You can book a table now at http://www.revolution-bars.co.uk  (more…)

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Lucky Cloud Skincare

I met the wonderful Lucy Cardwell on Monday; she is the founder (and CEO, and designer, and maker, and all round girl boss!) of handmade botanical skincare brand Lucky Cloud

I tried some samples of her wonderful cruelty-free products, which include Body butter, Body milk, Body balm and lip butters; the full range is available at The Scottish Design Exchange

We had a great chat about ethical cosmetics (which you may have noticed is a huge area of interest for me lately!) and being a small business in a big, bad world. Find out more at http://www.luckycloudskincare.com


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