World Mental Health Day

Hi, Ruth here, writing to you about the incredibly important issue of mental illness. A little more serious than our usual jolly fashion posts, but when I saw it was World Mental Health Day today, i thought it apt to introduce you lovely readers to a little about my past and present experience with mental illness, and more importantly raise awareness, encourage sufferers to speak out and leave some important resources to click through.

A few kilograms above my lowest weight in 2013

I have an eating disorder. Sounds abrupt, doesn’t it? But sadly it’s a very real truth for me and millions of others. Though currently a healthy weight and managing my social, educational and professional life surprising well, mental illness still affects my daily life, whether that be a whole day wasted obsessing over food or a sleepless night spent destroying myself over an impossible body ideal.

I became obsessed with planning picturing my food intake

I’ve suffered from Anorexia and Bulimia my whole teenage life, and been in long-term hospital treatment several times due to this. Several mental and physical relapses have unexpectedly hit me through the years, affecting school, university, jobs, relationships and of course my health. I have experienced being severely underweight and/or undernourished, resulting in very low blood pressure, slow heart rate, low blood sugar, loss of periods, osteopenia, hair loss, lanugo, muscle wastage, swollen glands, infections, acid reflux, fatigue, bloodshot eyes, extreme temperature changes, bouts of anxiety and depression, and many more horrible effects that prove anorexia nor bulimia are glamorous in any way.

One of many hospital ward bedrooms

Throughout my time with these debilitating illnesses, I’ve met countless people online and offline that suffer similarly. Although it is often reassuring to know I am not alone in my battle, it greatly saddens me that eating disorders, along with depression, anxiety and self-harm, seem to be on the rise. On this day, I want to make more people aware of the vastness of this epidemic, and how much needs to be done in terms of outreach for professional help, supporting family and friends, and hassling councils, health services and governments for a more accessible and effective way of getting therapists,  reducing waiting lists, changing traditional methods of diagnosis and increasing awareness through events, campaigns and groups.

Positivity is key!

I thought I would leave you with some links to useful resources online. I’d also like to add that for people with ED (anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia or binge eating disorder), instagram and tumblr have hugely supportive communities you can get involved in, as well as a variety of helpful video blogs on youtube. Whatever your personal issues, know that you are not alone and there is help out there for you.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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Friends and Fashion

Since this blog began, we have been wanting to promote our friend and talented photographer Skye Lyon (see her website for more) and  creative fairy godmother Sinead McNulty

A perfect way to bring these two lovely ladies together along with ourselves (both dabbling models) was to get our glad-rags on and snap some spontaneous pictures on a rainy day in Ruth’s garden!


Urbanity xxx

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The Scottish Design Exchange

Something incredible is happening at Ocean Terminal

Last winter, Scotland Redesigned: Limited Edition gave local designers and makers a space to showcase and sell their products, which Ruth was a part of (see her blog post about it here), and now the Scottish Design Exchange is doing it again, transforming a soulless shopping centre into a creative hub. 

Their launch party is welcome to all on the 24th September! For more details visit
and pop into the store to peruse fashion from Christine Watson, Lingerie from Mischke Lingerie, cosmetics from Sara Hill Make Up, art from Fraser Gray and so much more!

Urbanity xxx

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Joni Jeans Appreciation Post

What jeans did I even wear before Topshop’s High Waisted Joni Jeans? Once you buy a pair of these it’s very difficult to return to the normal, sitting on the hips average kind of jeans. Topshop have been selling these Joni Jeans for roughly two years (I’m not entirely certain how long they’ve been selling them but you should probably already have a pair.)But, why are these jeans so great? 

 First off-they are super flattering. It doesn’t matter if you buy them in black, blue, white or whatever other colour they come in, they look great. The jeans hug your legs without making it look like the circulation in your ankles and feet are cutting off. Plus, high waisted jeans elongate your legs which is only ever a good thing. 
They also feel way more comfortable. Perhaps it’s due to the fact you don’t have to pull them up as often as ordinary jeans, or the light denim their made from doesn’t feel as heavy. In other words, they don’t have the ‘ugh I can’t wait to change into my pyjama bottoms’ after a long day of wearing them.

Finally, they’re very versatile. Crop tops (super flattering with high waisted jeans), oversized shirts, t-shirts, they literally go with any top you’re wearing, the same applies to shoes! 

However, they may be my favourite jeans but they also have their flaws. I only buy the black Joni Jeans so this may not apply to all colours) I find that the colour fades within about 2-3 months. It’s not so bad as I do wear and wash these jeans often, although it would be nice for them to stay black for slightly longer. Also, you can’t wear a belt with them! It’s tragic, but these jeans do not have belt loops! (The belt isn’t needed to keep them up, more for accessories) Despite these minor flaws, I highly suggest adding a pair of these jeans to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.

Urbanity xxx

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Misty Mountain Swap Shop

This gorgeous picture you can see on the left is a vintage visual merchandising masterpiece we saw last Wednesday at Misty Mountain Swop. What on earth is that, you ask? 

Well, from the 4th to the 17th of September, anyone and everyone is welcome to buy, sell and swap clothes at this innovative, ethical pop-up! Get rid of your unwanted fashion and come out with bagfuls of stylish bargains!

 Misty Mountain Swop is held in the Gayfield Creative Space in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, a venue tucked away from the main drag of Leith Walk, regularly used for exhibitions and arts events. The space is like a magical wardobe, jammed full of rails and displays stuffed endlessly with everything from retro coats to Moschino jumpers and Topshop shoes. Once you get your former faves valued, you’re welcome to browse the huge selection and splurge your store credit!

In these pictures Ruth is modelling finds sourced from designer, vintage and high street brands. An oversized boyfriend shirt in crisp white is an Autumn essential, and can easily be dressed up for night with an embellished mini. We were also super excited to discover a gorgeous graphic print Rare London playsuit, and a cream H&M dress.

Find out more information about how the event works and where the next pop-up take place at 

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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