Honey Pop Club

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a beauty subscription box for a while (mainly because its nice getting little treats and mini presents to myself through the post!) and running up to my 20th birthday last month I saw that one of favourite fashion bloggers, Amanda from Honey Pop Kisses, had released The Honey Pop Club, a monthly subscription box promoting indie brands. This month’s theme was self-care and self-love during the holiday season, so I thought I’d treat myself. The best part is that any beauty product included each month is totally cruelty-free!  Read on to see what was inside the December box…

White Rabbit is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand based in Scotland, one I’d never heard of before which was really lovely to discover. This daily moisturiser is a thick formula that feels super creamy yet light enough to use as a base or primer under make up. Totally love this product so far!

Next up we have a cute little hardback notebook from Sun Jellies by Scottish designer Karen Mabon, which I’ve already filled with notes for my university project over the Christmas break, and an adorable chubby unicorn pin from Glasgow streetwear brand Abandon Ship Apparel.

Finally, the Honey Pop Club subscription box this month included a couple of postcards, one with fabulous Ru Paul quote, a Honey Pop Club sticker and a Veronica Dearly greetings card (There will be a framable quote from an inspirational woman in each month’s box). Its totally fitting because I bought back some artsy notecards from Moderna Museet in Stockholm earlier this month so I’ve started a little collection on my bedroom wall! 

I aim to do lots more blog posts in 2017 on veganism (which I’ve totally let slip this month and I 100% blame mince pies), cruelty-free beauty and ethical fashion, so stay tuned, and have a happy new year!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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Cross Cashmere

Since publishing a book about the rich heritage of cashmere in Scotland, after years of working for a Scottish mill, journalist (and total #girlboss) Lynne McCrossan decided to practise what she preached, and create a capsule collection of the highest quality Scottish cashmere. The collection consists of 6 essential and versatile styles in beautiful knitwear, made for man and woman alike. Here are the shots from an editorial for Cross Cashmere with myself and Paul Keenan (of mens fashion and lifestyle blog thekeenanone.com) modelling for fashion photographer Julie Howden. Let me know what you think, and look out for Cross Cashmere featuring in an upcoming episode of Iluminate for BBC The Social.

The Cable (shop here)

The Cable (shop here)

The Cable (shop here), The Wrap (shop here)

The Houndstooth (shop here), The Wrap (shop here)

The Wrap (shop here)
The Wrap (shop here)

Models: Ruth MacGilp, Paul Keenan
Photographer: Julie Howden
Designer/Stylist: Lynne McCrossan

We shot these looks- and a few others still to come- in the beautiful gardens and parks around Carlton Hill overlooking Edinburgh, in the freezing cold last month. Good thing Lynne provided us with an open fire, baked potatoes and an ample supply of gorgeous cashmere! The full Cross Cashmere collection also includes a classic Argyll jumper, plus a T-shirt and hoodie, which are surprisingly easy to wear and modern in cashmere. The capsule builds on the premise of slow fashion, a more ethical process of investing in classic pieces that can be worn for decades and passed on through generations, styled in endless ways dressed up or down. 

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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Outfit styling with Mandi Candi

Mandi Candi is a Dundee-Based boutique providing a huge range of trend-led collections by various independent fashion designers. After discovering Mandi Candi Boutique on Instagram (check out their stylish feed here!) I was keen to collaborate, so together with  creative mastermind Daina Renton (@dainarenton) I styled up some outfits and ventured to the Morningside Wild West, a strange little derelict avenue near my flat where the buildings all resemble an American cowboy town, and shot the three looks, featuring a black pinafore jumpsuit, a suede mini shift dress, black and silver heeled boots and a gorgeous embroidered biker jacket.






































 Biker Jacket: £79, Mandi Candi (shop here)
Black Ankle Boots: £28, Mandi Candi (shop here)
Black Culotte Jumpsuit: Mandi Candi (sold out)
Black Suede Look Dress: £24, Mandi Candi (sold out)
Pink Top, Black Top: ASOS
Fringed Jacket, Jeans: Topshop
Necklace: Homemade
What do you think of my looks? Got a favourite? Check out @dainarenton on Instagram for more details.
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx


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A Swedish Christmas: Top 10 Things to do in Stockholm

Yesterday I returned home for Christmas after a week away in Stockholm, and I thought its definitely worth a blog post, as it was truly one of my favourite ever travel experiences, and certainly the most chic and design-fuelled. Jack and I hopped over to Sweden via Amsterdam to visit his sister and explore a new city, with a proper white Christmas! Read on to find out my Top Ten things to do in Stockholm.

1. Have a Hygge time

On the plane I read The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking, and was totally engrossed in this newly fashionable but long-worshipped Scandinavian tradition of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Its all about living in the moment, sharing special memories with loved ones, lighting candles and getting cosy by the fire after a day out in the cold.

2. Feast on Fica

Now this is my favourite Swedish pastime- fica means to take coffee and cake (usually a cinnamon or cardamon bun, or saffron bun at Christmas) at regular breaks throughout the day, even in the office at work! Every little cafe in the city serves fresh buns and super-strong coffee, its practically a necessity.

3. Explore the Nature

Whats really fab about Stockholm is that breathtaking natural landscapes are just minutes away from the bustling city. We visited a gorgeous nature reserve with a solid frozen lake, and a world heritage site cemetery full of the tallest trees I’ve ever seen. Plus, huge expanses of water are only ever round the corner, as the city actually consists of several little islands connected by beautiful bridges.

4. Use Public Transport

A seemingly boring one, but for around £30 you get a weeks worth of seamless bus, train, subway and tram travel loaded onto an easy access card, and that’ll take you to every corner of Stockholm. The added bonus is, each metro station has some kind of art installation to keep commuters entertained, its a really nice touch.

5. Enjoy the Architecture

Some recommendations for you if you’re an architecture nerd like me: The city hall and the royal palace; simply stunning and totally instagram-ready. Many of the buildings are super-sleek and modern, while in contrast residential homes are adorable like little dolls houses, and in the old town Gamla Stan, its like going back in a time machine!

6. Indulge in Minimalist Design

Wearing my fluffy leopard print coat the whole wee with my bright blue hair, I totally stood out amongst the immaculately well-dressed minimalist locals. Check out the chic street style in SoFo and shop at Weekday, Monki and Acne.
7. Play in the Snow

Nuff said! Bring out your inner child 🙂
8. Learn the Language

I’ve become totally obsessed with the free mobile app Duolingo, which is a great resource for beginners wanting to learn any language. Swedish is pretty hard to pick up on but if you learn the basics everything starts to make sense! I like that ‘tack’ is both please and thank you!

9. Visit the Museums

If I’d had more time I would have visited all of the wonderful museums in Stockholm, clearly a design-led city, but only had time for two. I would definitely recommend ArkDes at the Modern Museet, with reliant exhibitions about architecture and contemporary design, and The Swedish History Museum, which is totally mind-blowing; I learnt so much that I didn’t know about the past of this really fascinating nation.

10. Make a Gingerbread house

Speaking of the modern museum, while we were there a gingerbread house, or ‘Pepparkakshus’ making competition took place, with insane creations made from all things edible. Totally inspired me to get home and get baking, although I know my attempts would never match up to these wonders! If you have any good recipes/instructions for gingerbread houses, do let me know in the comments! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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An Ode to Hope Street Magazine

The fourth an final instalment in my ‘Odes’ Series, this post is dedicated to Hope St Magazine, a contemporary Glagoow-based independent fashion magazine creatively directed by renowned make-up artists and entrepreneur Sara Hill.


My favourite online feature of Hope Street is I-AM, a section dedicated to exploring the lives of creative visionaries, from Amelia Vivash to Anderson Paak (Malibu is my current most-listened to album on Spotify). I love that Hope St authentically includes not those public figures that are simply in the zeitgeist for the purpose of celebrity, but real emerging talents with a true voice. 
As much as it is wonderful to be able to download a digital magazine and read it on mobile (with the latest issue Hope St only £3.50), I believe that there is nothing nicer than a solid print issue to physically flick through. When it comes to the print version of this biannual fashion journal, the editorials are simply stunning on silk paper; the colours really pop. Hope St has an incredible reach, with stockists all over the world and an impress circulation despite its humble roots in Glasgow. It just goes to show that the Scottish fashion industry is growing beyond its roots and spreading its influence globally as well as locally.


“Hope St is an inde­pend­ent fash­ion and cul­ture magazine that wishes to tran­scend the con­fines of a tra­di­tion­al fash­ion pub­lic­a­tion. We will heighten the mind while pleas­ing the eye with our rich visu­al aes­thet­ic and our strong edit­or­i­al voice. Cel­eb­rat­ing the estab­lished and high­light­ing the new, we will com­bine lux­ury with an anarch­ic spir­it cre­at­ing the most innov­at­ive fash­ion and cul­ture pub­lic­a­tion world­wide. Nev­er one to take itself too ser­i­ously, hope st will edu­cate with our tongues firmly planted in our cheek. 
Cel­eb­rat­ing the unique — and even uncon­ven­tion­al — we merge the worlds of youth and street cul­ture with high-end lux­ury brands. Seek­ing cre­at­ive innov­a­tion and authen­ti­city, hope st will strive to inspire, pro­voke, excite and refresh. With a pas­sion for show­cas­ing the unseen and the undone we hope to encour­age a cross-cul­tur­al dis­course. Through our power­ful and invent­ive edit­or­i­al con­tent we aim to stim­u­late our read­ers, and with an obses­sion to nur­ture our dynam­ic ideas we wish to cre­ate an indis­pens­able style guide as well and an excit­ing cul­tur­al ref­er­ence. Our mob of excep­tion­al hopest con­trib­ut­ors are some of the most innov­at­ive in the industry, aim­ing to provide our loy­al read­ers with our hon­est and inspir­a­tion­al visu­al storytelling and illu­min­at­ing writ­ten con­tent.”
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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