Mark Vice: Metamorphosis

Scottish artist Mark Vice is embarking on an innovative project that will allow 25 participants to turn a year of their life into a work of art.  To celebrate the launch of his ‘Metamorphosis’ collection, Mark has hand painted 25 diaries that are to be used by art-loving participants throughout the year. Once completed, the diaries will be exhibited alongside his other artwork at an exhibition in early 2018. The diaries, which feature a mix of butterfly and dragonfly paintings, represent the process of change and transformation, otherwise known as metamorphosis.

The 23-year-old visual artist said: “I’ve been planning this project for some time and I’m super excited to finally get it off the ground!”

“I’ve always wanted to involve others in my artistic process but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so. It seems that 2016 was a rough year for many people, so this feels like the perfect time to do a project that is all about transformation and moving on.”

Mark went on to talk about his hopes for the project and why he thinks it’s important to look to nature for inspiration. 

He said, “I think this project is for people who really love art – essentially you are completing the artwork by filling in the missing details. I hope that it helps others to think more about their lives and I would love if the project was to inspire some positive changes in 2017.”

“The beauty of exploring nature through artwork is that it can teach us so much about ourselves – just like the caterpillar we are all capable of turning our lives around and making our world a more colourful and happy place. I’m really hopeful that the world can pull itself together in 2017 and move forward – it’s time to put these beautiful new wings to good use!”

Diaries are extremely limited and will be available until 1st February 2017. If you are interested in participating visit Mark’s website for full details:

A new contender on the British Pop Art scene, Mark Vice is a Scottish portrait artist with an eye for all things bold, sexy and downright fabulous! A fascination with pop culture inspires his vibrant drip art and splatter art portraits, which explore the themes of celebrity, commercialism and sex. Described as a cross between Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, Mark’s intuitive and expressive painting style is immediately recognisable across each of his eclectic painting series. As a contemporary Scottish portrait painter Mark combines his interests in fashion, celebrity culture and Scottish iconography to create artwork that is fresh, unique and outspoken. Whether it is an enchanting female nude or a Karl Lagerfeld painting from his celebrity pop art series, Mark’s work is never shy of daring. 

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The Stockholm Fashion List

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to visit one of my dream destinations, Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, and I totally fell in love with the design-centric physique of the city, from interior design and architecture to the chic, minimalist street style. I managed to visit a few cult Swedish fashion stores like Weekday, Cos and Acne, and discovered a cool indie designer boutique too. Read on to see the shops to visit while you’re in Stockholm. You’re in for a very stylish treat.


I wasn’t planning on spending much money on my travels, as everyone knows Scandinavia can be ludicrously expensive, but Weekday, on of my favourite high street stores that haven’t made it to the UK yet, had a mega sale on so I picked up some Cheap Monday high-waisted black skinny jeans (in a rarely found 34 inch leg!) and a simple burgundy bralet. Weekday basic underwear is a total must-have, the only lingerie I’ve tried that’s both sexy and super comfortable.


Fun-loving fashion retailer Monki, which is owned by another Swedish success story: H&M, is the perfect place for an affordable, fashion-forward pick-me-up. What I love are the store designs, each one totally unique and out of this world.

Acne Studios

The fairy godmother of cool-girl style, Acne Studios, has a beautiful concept store in Stockholm. With an extensive denim collection as per their speciality, as well as new season collections from the classic to the crazy, I pretty much drooled over everything. 


With cool vintage-style interiors, supremely well-dressed staff and excellent music taste, Grandpa, on the hipster island of Sodermalm, is the ultimate lifestyle store. Think Urban Outfitters, but with higher quality products and more of an indie vibe.


Cos is the ultimate retail experience if you love minimalist, modern silhouettes and styles and an interior full of clean lines, geometric shapes and easy-to-shop rails of beautiful and functional clothing. What stands out is that there seems to be no predominant trends and fads being followed, simply flattering garments for any age, gender or size.

Aspire by Choke

I randomly wondered into a newly refurbished boutique in a shopping mall and discovered a brand that clicked with all my values and preferences. Aspire by Choke creates cleverly constructed womenswear in lightweight fabrics and a simple colour palette of black, white and grey. I spoke extensively to the fashion designer who had so much passion for his work, which combines Scandinavian and Asian design fusion.

Other cool fashion brands and stores in Stockholm:

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Scottish Design Exchange Anniversary

Today marks my 1st anniversary of working for The Scottish Design Exchange (SDX), and so much has happened in that year, I thought it deserved a blog post. For those that don’t know, SDX is a collective of over 120 artists and designers, from contemporary jewellery to fine art and everything in between, all living and working in Scotland. 

We’re a not-for profit enterprise that opened in August 2015 as a retail space that benefits independent brands by giving them 100% of the profit, and showing customers a huge variety of unique products, knowing exactly where are coming from. 

I joined as an intern to help open the fashion department, and now manage over 25 designers Glasgow, Edinburgh, and beyond as well as running all the social media activities for the company.

I’m so excited for what is to come in 2017 for The Scottish Design Exchange. From a brand new textiles department supporting up and coming designers and manufacturers of fabrics for fashion and interiors, and tonnes of ongoing charity and community projects, to potentially expanding to more stores within the city and eventually nationwide, we have the potential to really make a difference this year.
My favourite moments from the past year working at SDX have definitely been the events I’ve organised to help celebrate our projects. Back in February we launched the #SDXLoft fashion space with a huge party in our Leith store, and since then we’ve hosted blogger and press events, music nights, style tutorials, social media workshops and monthly meet-the-makers days. I love meeting customers, whether loyal regulars or completely new to our concept, who have been so supportive and enthusiastic.

Another highlight has definitely been seeing many of the emerging and entrepreneurial creatives gain confidence after getting the opportunity to be part of a supportive like minded community, and really succeed in their business. Mark Vice, Sally Fisher and Alexander Jackson certainly stand out, as well as labels Made In Leith, Birds of Prayers, Objectified, Yellow Bubble and Hidden Stag. I feel such a sense of pride for my designers and constantly seek out more opportunities to get their names and products out there. Scotland is full to brim with creative talent that is not being recognised for its full potential, and that needs to change; we hope that The Scottish Design Exchange can push that change.

For more information, and to stay updated on the latest comings and goings at SDX, visit our website, or follow us on Instagram @sdxfashion and @sdxedinburgh.

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Honey Pop Club

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a beauty subscription box for a while (mainly because its nice getting little treats and mini presents to myself through the post!) and running up to my 20th birthday last month I saw that one of favourite fashion bloggers, Amanda from Honey Pop Kisses, had released The Honey Pop Club, a monthly subscription box promoting indie brands. This month’s theme was self-care and self-love during the holiday season, so I thought I’d treat myself. The best part is that any beauty product included each month is totally cruelty-free!  Read on to see what was inside the December box…

White Rabbit is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand based in Scotland, one I’d never heard of before which was really lovely to discover. This daily moisturiser is a thick formula that feels super creamy yet light enough to use as a base or primer under make up. Totally love this product so far!

Next up we have a cute little hardback notebook from Sun Jellies by Scottish designer Karen Mabon, which I’ve already filled with notes for my university project over the Christmas break, and an adorable chubby unicorn pin from Glasgow streetwear brand Abandon Ship Apparel.

Finally, the Honey Pop Club subscription box this month included a couple of postcards, one with fabulous Ru Paul quote, a Honey Pop Club sticker and a Veronica Dearly greetings card (There will be a framable quote from an inspirational woman in each month’s box). Its totally fitting because I bought back some artsy notecards from Moderna Museet in Stockholm earlier this month so I’ve started a little collection on my bedroom wall! 

I aim to do lots more blog posts in 2017 on veganism (which I’ve totally let slip this month and I 100% blame mince pies), cruelty-free beauty and ethical fashion, so stay tuned, and have a happy new year!

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Cross Cashmere

Since publishing a book about the rich heritage of cashmere in Scotland, after years of working for a Scottish mill, journalist (and total #girlboss) Lynne McCrossan decided to practise what she preached, and create a capsule collection of the highest quality Scottish cashmere. The collection consists of 6 essential and versatile styles in beautiful knitwear, made for man and woman alike. Here are the shots from an editorial for Cross Cashmere with myself and Paul Keenan (of mens fashion and lifestyle blog modelling for fashion photographer Julie Howden. Let me know what you think, and look out for Cross Cashmere featuring in an upcoming episode of Iluminate for BBC The Social.

The Cable (shop here)

The Cable (shop here)

The Cable (shop here), The Wrap (shop here)

The Houndstooth (shop here), The Wrap (shop here)

The Wrap (shop here)
The Wrap (shop here)

Models: Ruth MacGilp, Paul Keenan
Photographer: Julie Howden
Designer/Stylist: Lynne McCrossan

We shot these looks- and a few others still to come- in the beautiful gardens and parks around Carlton Hill overlooking Edinburgh, in the freezing cold last month. Good thing Lynne provided us with an open fire, baked potatoes and an ample supply of gorgeous cashmere! The full Cross Cashmere collection also includes a classic Argyll jumper, plus a T-shirt and hoodie, which are surprisingly easy to wear and modern in cashmere. The capsule builds on the premise of slow fashion, a more ethical process of investing in classic pieces that can be worn for decades and passed on through generations, styled in endless ways dressed up or down. 

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