Money Fashion Power

Fashion Revolution is launching pre-orders for the first in a series of collectible fanzines uncovering the stories behind clothing. The inaugural issue is called MONEY FASHION POWER and explores themes of transparency, sustainability, inequality and ethics in the fashion industry. Through poetry, illustration, photography, editorial and playful games, readers will discover hidden stories behind their clothing, what the price they pay for fashion means, and how their purchasing power can make a positive difference.


Illustration by @alecdoherty
Before they reach the shop shelves, our clothes have been on a very long journey, and made by many different people. What do you know about where your clothes come from? Do you know who made them, in what country, and in what conditions? And do you care? Have you ever wondered #whomademyclothes? Or what you can do to make sure my purchases are empowering the people who make my clothes, rather than exploit them? Do your purchases empower or exploit?

Illustration by @thedrawingdoor 
It takes a garment worker 18 months to earn what a fashion brand CEO makes on their lunch break. Shocking, I know. And the complexities of power make it disheartening to wonder if you can make a difference in this exploitative supply chain. But Fashion Revolution have started a movement to empower consumers like you and me to actually change things for the better.

Illustration by @tyler_spangler

“Fashion Revolution is a global movement that works for a more sustainable fashion industry, campaigning for a systemic reform of

the industry with a special focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution is a non-profit organisation with presence in more than 90 countries around the world. Our vision is a fashion industry that values people, the environment, profit and creativity in equal measure. Fashion Revolution works all year round to raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues, advocate for positive change, and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.”

Illustration by @chrissieabbott
Find out more and order your print copy of the fanzine at:
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Style Concierge: Personal Shopping at Harvey Nichols



As some of you may know, early last year I worked for Menswear at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, and recently I’ve been delighted to be invited back as a blogger to explore some of their efforts to become a style destination for truly experiential retail. Last week I had the chance to take part in Style Concierge, a dedicated personal shopping service offered at the department store, to style some outfits with the latest designer collections in store.


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On Therapy and Prozac

Photo by Holly May Wesley
Heres the thing about mental health…its a stubborn little bastard. 
Find out why I’m still on anti-depressants and still attend therapy, even after all this time. 

Statistics suggest that for everyone on earth theres at least someone in your life who has experienced mental health problems. You may have seen them through the highs and lows, and now assume the struggle is over. Its easy to miss the symptoms of depression, anxiety and eating disorders when the physical, visible signs are no longer there, and perhaps after some time and effort the sufferer has managed to keep their emotions under control, allowing them to lead a perfectly normal life, just like everyone else.

But there is so much more beneath the surface. Since I’ve passed that initial barrier to recovery for my mental health, including getting physically healthy and emotionally stable again, getting back on track with my career, studies, social life and relationships, it would be hard to guess there could be anything wrong. I’m a total overachiever and perfectionist, and I’ve learnt to channel this the right way now, but as I’ve often been told I’m like a duck or a swan; smooth and calm above the water but frantically kicking underneath.

I’m not ashamed to say that I still heavily rely on a high dose of anti-depressants to get me through the day. They say half the world’s on prozac, and well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Its given me my confidence and my ability to function back, and for me personally its worked well in tandem with other recovery efforts. But what I often ponder is what would happen if I stopped? How much of this ‘doing well’ phase is because of them, and how much is just me? Will I ever be able to shake the taboo or the labels?

I called this post ‘On Therapy and Prozac’ because I see them both as a kind of drug, to be weaned off, eventually. Therapy is another one of those taboos, which I would usually never bring up to people in real life (the joy of hiding behind a computer screen eh!)  But I’m at that odd stage where everything is totally fine- better than fine mostly- but after many years with various disorders, there is a very blurred line between identity and illness. Of course not one person would guess that my eating disorder (I really hate that phrase. I need a new name for it. A fellow patient in hospital hated the word anorexia so much that she called it ‘oil slick’. No clue why!) still sticks around at every mealtime, often in unexpected, newly evolved ways. I’m lucky enough to be inundated with support, but 

So I guess the point of this post is to read between the lines. People in your life may still need help, or at the very least respect, for their mental health problems, even if it may seem that they recovered years ago. And if therapy and prozac is what they need, then thats what they will still be on, despite all odds.
Photo by Daina Renton for Witch Way Magazine.
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ESPA Beauty Room at Harvey Nichols

All Edinburgh folks know that Harvey Nichols on Multrees walk is the city’s ultimate style destination and go-to department store for the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty and food. An original pioneer of experiential retail (the consumer trend taking over the high street) with their in-store dining and drinking experiences, customisation, personal shopping, parties, trunk shows and even botox. But did you know about the ESPA Beauty Room? 

Yesterday I received a Personalised Facial from the UK spa beauty brand (thats also totally natural, plant-based and cruelty-free!) and a bag full of spa-at-home goodies, so I thought I’d do a lil post to review. TLDR: I am a temple of zen.

The lovely Joanna expertly took me through all the steps of the ESPA 45-minute facial, so-called Personalised because it truly is; a ‘Skinvision’ analysis is performed (whereby a special UV light reveals sun-damaged, sensitive or dehydrated skin and the skin all over your face is tested for its elasticity and firmness) as well as ‘sensory tests’ to see which products are the best fit for you.

In a warm, relaxing treatment room, I was cleansed, exfoliated and massaged, given a face mask and a clay treatments, and moisturised with beautiful essential oils. Basically, it was absolute heaven and I was left not only feeling revived and radiant, but also with more knowledge about my skin and how to take care of it. Remember, the skin is your body’s largest organ, so look after it!

These are the products that were used in the personalised spa facial:

To remove make up and prep:

Bio-Active Eye Cleanser
Delicately removes waterproof eye make up: Buy here
Soothing Eye Lotion
Soothes and refreshes sensitive eye area: Buy here
To cleanse, tone and scrub:

Hydrating Cleansing Milk
A cooling, creamy cleanser: Buy here
Hydrating Floral Spafresh
A refreshing, moisturising toner: Buy here
Refining Skin Polish
A gentle exfoliating scrub with no microbeads: Buy here
To soak and relax:

Essential Cleansing Mask
A calming and deep cleansing face mask: Buy here
Pink Hair and Scalp Mud
A deep conditioning treatment: Buy here

To moisturise and finish:

24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser
Delicately removes eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner: Buy here
Optimal Skin ProSerum
Smooth and silky serum for radiant skin: Buy here
Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser
Nutrient-rich hydrating day cream: Buy here
Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer
Aromatic and hydrating spray-on toner: Buy here

Here are the products in my goodie bag, I can’t wait to try them all out. Click to buy:

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How to Style: Nu Blvck Pyjama Scarf

Following on from Wednesday’s post, here is another in the Nu Blvck series from our ‘Ways to Style’ photoshoot with Holly May Wesley, featuring the large pyjama scarf in the rust/navy colour way, and the small pyjama scarf in dark grey tied to my navy grab bag. I styled this look very simply, with a taupe Hayley McSporran top, a Forever 21 brass pendant, Mandi Candi Boutique boots and some H&M high waisted black jeans.

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