Every Pura Vida Bracelet is carefully handcrafted by artisans in Costa Rica. The commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work. The artisan’s dedication to the “pura vida” way of life is demonstrated in the seemingly endless colour combinations and innovative styles. The brand has donated over million to charities including those dedicated to rescuing sea creatures and protecting the habitats and biodiversity of our oceans.

Paperchain Jewellery, a brand creating beautiful handmade paper-based jewellery in Uganda, exists to support charities that work with street children, improving their prospects in life. One of the projects that they support is Dwelling Places, a Ugandan founded and run organisation that rescues, rehabilitates, reconciles and resettles children from the streets.

Each unique piece in the Made collection is hand crafted by highly skilled, dedicated artisans. Traditional craftsmanship is infused into all products, echoing the love and skill of the hands that made it. Using techniques handed down through the generations, Made jewellery not only looks great but also tells a story of lives changed through safe, sustainable employment, training and education.

Melissa Joy Manning
Melissa Joy Manning is a fine jewellery brand that uses recycled sterling silver and gold sourced from a Green Certified refinery with the highest environmental standards, along with alternative materials like Leland Slag and raspberry nickel. They also use upcycled stones wherever possible, along with antique tribal and reclaimed charms.

Wild Fawn
Wild Fawn Jewellery is an independent handmade jewellery brand based in South London. Their philosophy is to make timeless, eco-friendly jewellery that has minimal impact on the environment. All Wild Fawn Jewellery is either 925 sterling silver or 9kt eco/Fairtrade gold and is, wherever possible, made using recycled sterling silver. Wild Fawn Jewellery is perfect for those who prefer a sustainable, environmentally aware lifestyle

Brass Bombshell
At Brass Bombshell Jewellery, repurposed brass originally used as bombs and bullets is made into wearable symbols of peace, hope and strength. Each product is handmade in Cambodia and is certified Fairtrade.

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