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The Machinists 

Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion 

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price 


The True Cost

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SHOWstudio Sustainable Fashion Panel Discussion

This is the Final Resting Place of your Cast-Off Clothing

Why We Need a Fashion Revolution

From Seed To Garment (4 video series)

Interactive videos and series


Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

Planet Money wanted to see the hidden world behind clothes sold in the US, so they decided to make a conventional T-shirt— not organic cotton, not hand-sewn in the United States, using Kickstarter to fund them.  To report this journey, they flew drones over Mississippi, shot footage in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and most importantly met the actual people who make our clothing. Click the link to go through each chapter of the story, from the cotton fields to the delivery of the goods at your door.


The Shirt on Your Back

Here, The Guardian offers an interactive insight into the lives of garment workers. This mini-documentary offers video, stills, audio and written word to trace the story behind our clothes, and throughout the time spent on this site, it tracks what a single Bangladeshi girl would earn working in a fast fashion factory, versus what UK fashion retailers have profited in that same period. The results are harrowing.

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