Here are the most beneficial pieces of advice we’ve received from successful people in the industry we love. Real, practical tips and authentic experience that will help young people climb their way up the ladder! Whether you want to be a designer, start your own PR firm, edit a glossy magazine or just find your feet in the fast-paced world of fashion, we hope these quotes will give you an insight.

“PR is something we pray for, not pay for. It should be earned, not owned. It is as integral to a business as the product or service they are selling. Effective PR establishes and then maintains mutually beneficial relationships between the organisation and the public upon whom it’s success or failure depends. ” – Tom Handley 


Ariel Foxman is the Editor-In-Chief of ‘Instyle’ Magazine

“Stories must be newsworthy. You must ask if they are relevant to other content, fit with the magazine’s audience and aesthetic, and if your pitch will be instantly recognisable as a potential feature that will engage readers. Editors have to be excellent at sniffing out great content and constantly scanning the digital and cultural sphere in this fast-evolving industry.” – Ariel Foxman

Social Media

Beca is the co-founder of social media agency ‘Socialyte’

“In this day and age influencers are the most important way of connecting social media user to your brand- think the social elite of fashion bloggers, young celebrities and rising stars in the industry; people who have a huge following online, therefore are hugely important to connect with. Social media radically changes the traditional fashion hierarchy as we all now have access to the inner workings of any given company.”- Rebecca Alexander



Tanya Taylor is an eponymous fashion label in NYC
“Find a unique way to communicate your creativity- for example in my lookbook campaign we used a  forest as the backdrop and let off coloured smoke bombs around the models who were dressed in my hand-printed designs. Always throw crazy ideas out there and see what sticks, and mistakes become opportunities to learn. Be adventurous and exciting- tell a story- its the only way to stand out as a designer.” – Tanya Taylor

“It is really important to not only keep up with the loop of recent fashion news, but to know a fair amount about the history of fashion too, from it’s origins centuries ago. Research is key to getting in-depth knowledge on the subject- people will then see that you know what you are talking about, and you’ll be able to effectively reference the past and present.” – Osman Ahmed

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