In the wake of the lustworthy chaos of Balmain’s exclusive collection for H&M, the fashion industry has been mulling over designer-high street collaborations. 

Are they a great way of expanding the market for luxury brands and allowing ‘regular’ customers to access high fashion, or simply an over-hyped limited edition, poor quality fuss over mediocre clothes that people will quite literally fight over and camp overnight outside a store to get hold of? And are we just becoming slaves to labels, splashing the cash just to get hold of anything by a couture house?

Ruth is currently creating a designer t-shirt collaboration for a fashion concepts project at university, and chose to use Anthropologie and People Tree (more specifically, the founder Safia Minney) to collaborate on an ethical product range. 

There is no end to potentially successful designers and retailers teaming up to create something special, and we would love to see more upcoming designers in mainstream stores and high end contemporary brands on the high street. Collaborations are all about picking the highlights from both parties to combine, so often perceived polar opposite companies can complement eachother beautifully. 


Our dream collabs? Commes de Garcons for Cos, Chalayan for American Apparel or Vivienne Westwood for Oxfam. But until these perfect combinations materialise, here’s our top three past and ongoing fashion collaborations!



Kate Moss x Topshop

An unforgettable fashion moment that worked so perfectly because both are such established British style icons it just had to happen, and will keep coming back as long as Kate stays the fashion legend she is and Topshop keep nurturing model and designer relationships.

Stella McCartney x Addidas

Two brands with perceivably different ethics- one is a high fashion designer with a strong penchant for saving the environment, and the other a sweatshop heavy mass market sportswear company. But this collaboration was, and continues to be, effortlessly well designed and wearable.


Karl Lagerfeld x H&M

How could we exclude the most eccentric man in fashion? The genius behind Chanel and Fendi collaborated with Scandinavian high-street giant H&M for a surprisingly affordable collection of beautiful clothes. Love or hate H&M, it will always be the home of limited edition designer bargains, from Jimmy Choo to Alexander Wang.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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