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Hello lovely reader, it’s Ruth here! About two months ago, I decided to turn vegan after a long stint of being an ethical vegetarian. It’s been tough-going at times especially while being a new university student learning to cook for myself, being pretty strapped for cash, and because of my eating disorder (which you can read about here) but I’m not giving up anytime soon! In fact, I’ve been thinking about extending this veganism, which by definition is a means to reduce the exploitation of animals, therefore isn’t confined just to food, so of course I’m referring to the big scary fashion world. Read more to find out my top ethical fashion blog and cruelty-free wishlist.

Honey Pop Kisses, a ‘Cruelty Free’ Fashion and Beauty blog run by Amanda Wilson is one of my go-to sites for style inspiration. You can check her out at http://www.honeypopkisses.com/ .Amanda responded to my questions on her Instagram (@honey_pop) that she doesn’t use any make-up or skincare tested on animals and tries to shop as ethically as possible; trying to make better decisions when shopping to reduce cruelty to animals, and human workers (Think about the true cost of cheap clothing- who is really paying for your Primark bargains? Veganism is about compassion to all creatures on this earth, including humans).

There are several retailers now making a real push to produce cruelty-free fashion products, making a positive impact on the environment and increasing custom from the growing number of vegans in the UK (see this article for the stats and click here for more information about veganism). Here is my wishlist of some ethical products available online:


This limited edition beautiful burgundy satchel is £79.95 available from Vegetarian Shoes.

These classic autumnal faux leather chelsea boots cost £69.00 and are from Wills London.

This stunning organic cotton, fair-trade coat from ethical retailer People Tree is just £85.00, available here.

Let us know what your stance is on leather, fur, suede, snakeskin, and of course, sweatshops!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx


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