Isle of Skye Candle Company

I first heard of, or rather smelled, the Isle of Skye Candle Company when I was working at Limited Edition, Scotland Redesigned’s Edinburgh Christmas pop-up shop, where we sold hundreds of these bad boys. Founded and based in the picturesque Isle of Skye, the environmentally-focussed brand produces candles, diffusers and  more in countless delectable fragrances and beautiful designs. Skye Candles have grown from a one-man-band in a grass-roofed bothy to an omni-channel company with stores all across Scotland. Here I discovered a little more of their ethical practise and found some new products that fit beautifully in the home.

I was totally thrilled to receive a reed diffuser from the wonderful Isle of Skye team, in delicate Bohemian Rose fragrance. As its so cold in my old Edinburgh flat that often after washing has been hung out it smells so damp and dingy, and we love having natural incense, candles and reed diffusers about rather than eco-unfriendly air fresheners and aerosol sprays. If you’re a fan of gentle, subtle aromas then Bohemian Rose is the one for you; the diffuser is so long lasting and you can get handy little refills when the smell fades. I’m also loving my Winter Warmer and Oriental Lily small tumbler candles, fab for burning to chill me out while I study!

Apart from the beautiful packaging, delectable fragrances and celebration of this beautiful country we call home, the best thing about the Isle of Skye Candle Company is it’s commitment to protecting the environment. From using only cruelty-free soya wax to fitting all their stores with energy-saving bulbs, renewable energy sources and recycling facilities, its clear that this is a brand that stays true to its humble roots despite rapid expansion. Whats more, at the moment they are working on the Lock Arkaig restoration project:

“After developing a new fragrance composed mainly of scots pine oil, and with a passion for our native woodlands here in Scotland, when we heard about the Woodland Trust’s efforts to buy and restore the Loch Arkaig forest we felt this was the perfect way to get involved and try to make a difference. With every sale of our Scots Pine candle, we pledged £1 of it to helping save the Loch Arkaig pine forest.”

The Winter Warmer candle, amongst many other wintery fragrances, is now half price, only £6.00! Check it out before the sale ends at

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Honey Pop Club

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a beauty subscription box for a while (mainly because its nice getting little treats and mini presents to myself through the post!) and running up to my 20th birthday last month I saw that one of favourite fashion bloggers, Amanda from Honey Pop Kisses, had released The Honey Pop Club, a monthly subscription box promoting indie brands. This month’s theme was self-care and self-love during the holiday season, so I thought I’d treat myself. The best part is that any beauty product included each month is totally cruelty-free!  Read on to see what was inside the December box…

White Rabbit is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand based in Scotland, one I’d never heard of before which was really lovely to discover. This daily moisturiser is a thick formula that feels super creamy yet light enough to use as a base or primer under make up. Totally love this product so far!

Next up we have a cute little hardback notebook from Sun Jellies by Scottish designer Karen Mabon, which I’ve already filled with notes for my university project over the Christmas break, and an adorable chubby unicorn pin from Glasgow streetwear brand Abandon Ship Apparel.

Finally, the Honey Pop Club subscription box this month included a couple of postcards, one with fabulous Ru Paul quote, a Honey Pop Club sticker and a Veronica Dearly greetings card (There will be a framable quote from an inspirational woman in each month’s box). Its totally fitting because I bought back some artsy notecards from Moderna Museet in Stockholm earlier this month so I’ve started a little collection on my bedroom wall! 

I aim to do lots more blog posts in 2017 on veganism (which I’ve totally let slip this month and I 100% blame mince pies), cruelty-free beauty and ethical fashion, so stay tuned, and have a happy new year!

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Damn Rebel Bitches

Its not often that a perfume campaign makes any sense at all, let alone resonates with actual, real women. Forget retouched snaps of glamazonian goddesses with action men on a billion dollar yacht, I’ve found a perfume that not only smells good but does good too. Damn Rebel Bitches by Reek perfumes is a bold, unmistakable scent that encourages Bitches to Unite. It looks to the past for inspiration, playing homage to the historic heroines of Scotland, yet is forward thinking in its marketing, with all-natural, rebellious badass women who aren’t afraid to make a statement. 

Damn Rebel Bitches is a handmade, cruelty-free artisan eau de parfum, memorialising the formidable women of the Jacobite uprisings, inspired by scents from these women’s lives. A truly feminist fragrance, and based right here in Edinburgh.

I had the chance to sample Damn Rebel Bitches for myself thanks to Bethany Grace and thoroughly enjoyed the unique packaging for the product. The scent itself is wild and totally different to my usual picks of Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf or Daisy by Marc Jacobs. The Reek perfume (launched with Urban Reivers) smells of blood orange and hazelnut with notes of spice and malt; truly intriguing. Whats more it lasts pretty much all day, even with me running around various locations on a photoshoot. So don’t let the £75 price tag put you off- Damn Rebel Bitches is a real investment, for Christmas and beyond, plus its totally vegan and never tested on animals- a win-win for me.

While writing this post I was really intrigued by the ideas behind the perfume but also the logistics- how, where and by whom is it made? It is really admirable how Reek is leading the way in terms of transparency unlike many other cosmetics brands and perfumers.  Their eau de parfums are hand made and hand poured by Sarah McCartney, leading self-taught scent scientist who was inspired by her extensive experience writing for Lush, and has now built a fragrance empire, 4160 Tuesdays. I love learning about the creative artisans behind products, it really adds another dimension to the brand story.

Get involved-sticker the world with the Damn Rebel Bitches message here or wear Bitches unite on your t-shirt here.

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Moana at Odeon Fort Kinnaird


On Friday, Jack and I were treated to a date night at the Odeon cinema at Fort Kinnaird to see the newly released Disney film Moana. Check out the trailer; it was honestly one of the best kid’s movies I’ve ever seen. Starring the legend that is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and full of adorable animated animals and beautifully depicted Polynesian islanders, we couldn’t resist grabbing two premier tickets to see Moana, the story of a demigod and a badass princess fighting to save an ancient paradise island and its people. Its full of catchy songs that will stick in your head all day, and is just as emotional as it is hilarious. Total harmless fun for all ages. I have zero shame when it comes to seeing Disney films at the cinema! 


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Tempo Tea Bar Bubble Waffle

Introducing the new Bubble Waffle sundae from Tempo Tea Bar, my favourite Edinburgh bubble tea dive. As well as hot, cold and blended bubble teas in a plethora of flavours, Tempo now create delicious desserts which I had the chance to preview last week. These freshly made to order Bubble Waffles are wrapped around a GIANT scoop of Crolla’s luxurious vanilla ice cream, a scoosh of fluffy whipped cream, topped with a rainbow of toppings and finished off with 2 Pocky sticks! Oh, and I forgot to mention the M&Ms, caramel sauce and lucky charms cereal *heart eyes*. 

This weekend at The Arches (a new shopping and dining complex full of independent brands just outside of Edinburgh Waverley train station on Market Street) there’s a Christmas Shopping event with exclusive offers everywhere, so if you’re in the area be sure to check out Tempo Tea Bar! The cute little tea boutique also stocks quirky music, gifts and art,  plus the friendliest staff in the world.
Another brilliant new store at The Arches is Atticus Boutique, which I can never resist popping into when I get off the train from university in Galashiels! Stocking on-trend clothing from fashion designers across the UK, my favourite is definately Neon Rose, whom I bought some awesome geometric print pyjama trousers from last week (check ’em out on my instagram @urbanity_blog)
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