A Day in the Life of a Busy Blogger

Photo by Angus Blackburn for Scottish Field Magazine
Inspired by Scottish Beauty Blogger Make Erin Over, I thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Day In The Life’ post, as I’ve been super busy lately and have fingers in a lot of pies. Plus if anyone out there is as nosy as me, you’ll love finding out what people online are like in real life.  I currently study a full-time degree in Fashion Communication at Heriot Watt University at the Scottish Borders Campus, the school of textiles and design. I also manage fashion and textiles at The Scottish Design Exchange and do freelance social media and writing for various brands, magazines and websites. Hopefully this shows that the life of a fashion blogger (albeit not a full-time one) is not exactly glamorous, and takes a hell of a lot of upkeep! But anyway, here’s what my Monday looked like…

5:45am: Wake up, check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Niume, Campus Society, Stumble Upon, and all 4 of my email addresses. Brew a large pot of strong coffee, throw on some comfy clothes and a quick face of make-up, scowl at Jack for getting to sleep in the cosy warm bed, and run out the door for the bus.
7:30am: Jump on the train to Galashiels while munching on a bagel and sipping my second coffee (a chai latte if you will). While on the 45 minute train, respond to emails, messages and comments, post a photo on Instagram, and make an unachievable to do list for the day. Check university timetable and prepare for the first lecture.
8:30am: Start the chilly walk to campus with music blasting in my ears, usually Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Lianne la Havas or Marina and the Diamonds. 
9am-12pm: Lectures, classes, tutorials meetings. Break for lunch and scoff a sandwich or a salad. During my break, hide away in the library with my laptop and schedule all tweets and Facebook posts for Urbanity, Scottish Design Exchange, Birds of Prayers and Made in Leith. Check Mailchimp for new email subscribers and send out the latest campaign. Scroll through Instagram to check on my feed and like and comment on shitloads of photos. Get my big fat diary out and make appointments and meetings for the next few weeks, including photoshoots, events, interviews and things to review. 
2pm-5pm: Meet with my class group and work on our fashion magazine project, writing articles, compiling the layout, editing pictures, researching trends, conducting interviews and making mood boards. Next week we are planning an interview with a vintage style blogger and a studio photoshoot inspired by 1950s vogue.
5pm-7pm: Run for the train home, and do my reading and studying on the commute. Post on Instagram again for @urbanity_blog @sdxedinburgh, @sdxfashion @birdsofprayersscotland and @made_in_leith. Respond to work emails about my new textiles department and contact some new designers I’ve discovered online. Start my articles for Fashion Fix Daily.
7pm-8pm: Hang out with my flatmates, eat a nice hot dinner (tonight its veggie lasagne) and maybe a glass of wine. Contemplate getting up off the sofa.
8pm-11pm: Write up and publish a blog post, and start up a few others to be finished later in the week. Share around on social media, and read the latest posts from my favourite bloggers. Do a bit of prep for my upcoming internship at Show Studio.
11pm-12am: Do a quick yoga practise to chill me out, and crawl under the covers with a cup of tea and something chocolatey to watch an episode of Simpsons or Archer, or a documentary on food, fashion or science if I’m feeling brave.
12am-6am: SLEEP and do it all over again.

Whats your daily routine?

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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Scottish Design Exchange Anniversary

Today marks my 1st anniversary of working for The Scottish Design Exchange (SDX), and so much has happened in that year, I thought it deserved a blog post. For those that don’t know, SDX is a collective of over 120 artists and designers, from contemporary jewellery to fine art and everything in between, all living and working in Scotland. 

We’re a not-for profit enterprise that opened in August 2015 as a retail space that benefits independent brands by giving them 100% of the profit, and showing customers a huge variety of unique products, knowing exactly where are coming from. 

I joined as an intern to help open the fashion department, and now manage over 25 designers Glasgow, Edinburgh, and beyond as well as running all the social media activities for the company.

I’m so excited for what is to come in 2017 for The Scottish Design Exchange. From a brand new textiles department supporting up and coming designers and manufacturers of fabrics for fashion and interiors, and tonnes of ongoing charity and community projects, to potentially expanding to more stores within the city and eventually nationwide, we have the potential to really make a difference this year.
My favourite moments from the past year working at SDX have definitely been the events I’ve organised to help celebrate our projects. Back in February we launched the #SDXLoft fashion space with a huge party in our Leith store, and since then we’ve hosted blogger and press events, music nights, style tutorials, social media workshops and monthly meet-the-makers days. I love meeting customers, whether loyal regulars or completely new to our concept, who have been so supportive and enthusiastic.

Another highlight has definitely been seeing many of the emerging and entrepreneurial creatives gain confidence after getting the opportunity to be part of a supportive like minded community, and really succeed in their business. Mark Vice, Sally Fisher and Alexander Jackson certainly stand out, as well as labels Made In Leith, Birds of Prayers, Objectified, Yellow Bubble and Hidden Stag. I feel such a sense of pride for my designers and constantly seek out more opportunities to get their names and products out there. Scotland is full to brim with creative talent that is not being recognised for its full potential, and that needs to change; we hope that The Scottish Design Exchange can push that change.

For more information, and to stay updated on the latest comings and goings at SDX, visit our website, or follow us on Instagram @sdxfashion and @sdxedinburgh.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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Creative Brew Interview


Here is an interview I did with Creative Brew, a new website based in Glasgow showcasing the work of local creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs

“For fashion blogger Ruth MacGilp, following your creative passions is crucial. Ever since she was a young girl, Ruth has channeled her love of fashion into everything she does.

From choosing to study fashion at university and setting up her own fashion blog, to playing a crucial role in the Edinburgh-based Scottish Design Exchange, Ruth has utilised every opportunity to carve out a career in the industry she adores.

Here, Ruth discusses her professional career so far, her zeal for fashion blogging and how the innovative Edinburgh-based Scottish Design Exchange has offered her a myriad of exciting opportunities.


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