How to Spend a Long Weekend in Bologna


I was lucky enough to travel to Bologna, Italy for a long weekend last month with my boyfriend Jack, for sunshine, music and lots of pizza. Read on to find out what we got up to… (more…)

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A Blogger’s Guide to Pinterest

Recently I became super frustrated with not getting anywhere near the response I would like from my Pinterest. Lots of bloggers I know herald the virtual moodboard social site for driving huge amounts of traffic and making incredible connections and collaborations, but I never found that kind of joy.
So I decided to delete it all and start again. And after following some advice from fellow Edinburgh Blogger Tartan Brunette (Using Pinterest to Grow your Blog: Part One and Part Two and Part Three), following loads of new pinners and finding way more enjoyment in scrolling through my feed and discovering creative inspiration.
Read on for an insight into my new lil baby Pinterest and how its slowly growing.

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee, what would I tell you? Humour me as I download over a chai latte. Or a dark, rich mocha from one of my favourite Edinburgh coffee shops, Lovecrumbs. Thank you to Scottish blogger Eleanor Duffy for tagging me in this get-to-know-me post. And for anyone who’s reading this, you’re tagged too! It has been a while since I’ve written a more personal post on Urbanity, and I thought I’d inject a bit more of my lifestyle into the sea of fashion. I’m so humbled to have a growing number of readers, so hello to the newbies, and here’s a little bit about me. 


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On Therapy and Prozac

Photo by Holly May Wesley
Heres the thing about mental health…its a stubborn little bastard. 
Find out why I’m still on anti-depressants and still attend therapy, even after all this time. 

Statistics suggest that for everyone on earth theres at least someone in your life who has experienced mental health problems. You may have seen them through the highs and lows, and now assume the struggle is over. Its easy to miss the symptoms of depression, anxiety and eating disorders when the physical, visible signs are no longer there, and perhaps after some time and effort the sufferer has managed to keep their emotions under control, allowing them to lead a perfectly normal life, just like everyone else.

But there is so much more beneath the surface. Since I’ve passed that initial barrier to recovery for my mental health, including getting physically healthy and emotionally stable again, getting back on track with my career, studies, social life and relationships, it would be hard to guess there could be anything wrong. I’m a total overachiever and perfectionist, and I’ve learnt to channel this the right way now, but as I’ve often been told I’m like a duck or a swan; smooth and calm above the water but frantically kicking underneath.

I’m not ashamed to say that I still heavily rely on a high dose of anti-depressants to get me through the day. They say half the world’s on prozac, and well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Its given me my confidence and my ability to function back, and for me personally its worked well in tandem with other recovery efforts. But what I often ponder is what would happen if I stopped? How much of this ‘doing well’ phase is because of them, and how much is just me? Will I ever be able to shake the taboo or the labels?

I called this post ‘On Therapy and Prozac’ because I see them both as a kind of drug, to be weaned off, eventually. Therapy is another one of those taboos, which I would usually never bring up to people in real life (the joy of hiding behind a computer screen eh!)  But I’m at that odd stage where everything is totally fine- better than fine mostly- but after many years with various disorders, there is a very blurred line between identity and illness. Of course not one person would guess that my eating disorder (I really hate that phrase. I need a new name for it. A fellow patient in hospital hated the word anorexia so much that she called it ‘oil slick’. No clue why!) still sticks around at every mealtime, often in unexpected, newly evolved ways. I’m lucky enough to be inundated with support, but 

So I guess the point of this post is to read between the lines. People in your life may still need help, or at the very least respect, for their mental health problems, even if it may seem that they recovered years ago. And if therapy and prozac is what they need, then thats what they will still be on, despite all odds.
Photo by Daina Renton for Witch Way Magazine.
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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A Day in the Life of a Busy Blogger

Photo by Angus Blackburn for Scottish Field Magazine
Inspired by Scottish Beauty Blogger Make Erin Over, I thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Day In The Life’ post, as I’ve been super busy lately and have fingers in a lot of pies. Plus if anyone out there is as nosy as me, you’ll love finding out what people online are like in real life.  I currently study a full-time degree in Fashion Communication at Heriot Watt University at the Scottish Borders Campus, the school of textiles and design. I also manage fashion and textiles at The Scottish Design Exchange and do freelance social media and writing for various brands, magazines and websites. Hopefully this shows that the life of a fashion blogger (albeit not a full-time one) is not exactly glamorous, and takes a hell of a lot of upkeep! But anyway, here’s what my Monday looked like…

5:45am: Wake up, check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Niume, Campus Society, Stumble Upon, and all 4 of my email addresses. Brew a large pot of strong coffee, throw on some comfy clothes and a quick face of make-up, scowl at Jack for getting to sleep in the cosy warm bed, and run out the door for the bus.
7:30am: Jump on the train to Galashiels while munching on a bagel and sipping my second coffee (a chai latte if you will). While on the 45 minute train, respond to emails, messages and comments, post a photo on Instagram, and make an unachievable to do list for the day. Check university timetable and prepare for the first lecture.
8:30am: Start the chilly walk to campus with music blasting in my ears, usually Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Lianne la Havas or Marina and the Diamonds. 
9am-12pm: Lectures, classes, tutorials meetings. Break for lunch and scoff a sandwich or a salad. During my break, hide away in the library with my laptop and schedule all tweets and Facebook posts for Urbanity, Scottish Design Exchange, Birds of Prayers and Made in Leith. Check Mailchimp for new email subscribers and send out the latest campaign. Scroll through Instagram to check on my feed and like and comment on shitloads of photos. Get my big fat diary out and make appointments and meetings for the next few weeks, including photoshoots, events, interviews and things to review. 
2pm-5pm: Meet with my class group and work on our fashion magazine project, writing articles, compiling the layout, editing pictures, researching trends, conducting interviews and making mood boards. Next week we are planning an interview with a vintage style blogger and a studio photoshoot inspired by 1950s vogue.
5pm-7pm: Run for the train home, and do my reading and studying on the commute. Post on Instagram again for @urbanity_blog @sdxedinburgh, @sdxfashion @birdsofprayersscotland and @made_in_leith. Respond to work emails about my new textiles department and contact some new designers I’ve discovered online. Start my articles for Fashion Fix Daily.
7pm-8pm: Hang out with my flatmates, eat a nice hot dinner (tonight its veggie lasagne) and maybe a glass of wine. Contemplate getting up off the sofa.
8pm-11pm: Write up and publish a blog post, and start up a few others to be finished later in the week. Share around on social media, and read the latest posts from my favourite bloggers. Do a bit of prep for my upcoming internship at Show Studio.
11pm-12am: Do a quick yoga practise to chill me out, and crawl under the covers with a cup of tea and something chocolatey to watch an episode of Simpsons or Archer, or a documentary on food, fashion or science if I’m feeling brave.
12am-6am: SLEEP and do it all over again.

Whats your daily routine?

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx
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