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The Trouble with Depression

The trouble with depression is….It’s an illness, not a fleeting adjective.
As part of Depression Awareness Week, people have been sharing what living with depression is really like, using the hashtag #‎Whatyoudontsee‬ . 


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My Eating Disorder Story

This is a bit of a different blogging direction, but I am passionate about erasing the taboo of mental illness and value honesty and raising awareness.

So I decided to write a (fairly lengthy) post outlining my experience with eating disorders. 
I want to encourage others to do the same as I think accepting your past is the first step in changing your future. 

I also believe that no one should be ashamed of their struggles, and I have worked too hard in recovery to not tell my story.  
So, here goes; let me know what you think in the comments!


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Body Positivity: How to Cope with Bad Body Image

I  have suffered immensely throughout my life with my body image; whether that be my height, weight, shape, size, facial features, hair, skin or whatever else my negative brain decides to hassle me about. But I am working to combat this through various techniques, which I will outline below (click read more to see my 5 ways of dealing with bad body image days. Disclaimer: This has several shameless selfies in a futile attempt at self love.


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World Mental Health Day

A little more serious than our usual jolly fashion posts, but when I saw it was World Mental Health Day today, I thought it apt to introduce you lovely readers to a little about my past and present experience with mental illness, and more importantly raise awareness, encourage sufferers to speak out and leave some important resources to click through.


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