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Self Care Sunday

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Sundays for me have always been busy, with either work or social commitments piling up, left over from the rest of the week, so it can be hard for me to kick back and relax. Now, with a little help from some simple pleasures, just an hour out of my day can be spent away from screens and inboxes for a much-needed dose of self care.


My Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why and To The Bone


EDIT: I recently wrote a new piece reviewing To The Bone for Fashion Fix Daily, with quite a different reaction. You can read it here:
What Life is Really Like In An Eating Disorder Hospital

Find out why I loved 13 Reasons Why, and why I’m terrified about To The Bone.The images in this post are embroidered artworks by the incredible Ana Teresa Barboza.


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On Therapy and Prozac

Here’s the thing about mental health…it’s a stubborn little bastard. 
Find out why I’m still on anti-depressants and still attend therapy, even after all this time. 


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