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Vegan December Challenge

So I’ve been vegetarian for years, but last year I went vegan for around 6 months. Why didn’t it last? 


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Creative Brew Interview


Here is an interview I did with Creative Brew, a new website based in Glasgow showcasing the work of local creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs

“For fashion blogger Ruth MacGilp, following your creative passions is crucial. Ever since she was a young girl, Ruth has channeled her love of fashion into everything she does.

From choosing to study fashion at university and setting up her own fashion blog, to playing a crucial role in the Edinburgh-based Scottish Design Exchange, Ruth has utilised every opportunity to carve out a career in the industry she adores.

Here, Ruth discusses her professional career so far, her zeal for fashion blogging and how the innovative Edinburgh-based Scottish Design Exchange has offered her a myriad of exciting opportunities.


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An Ode to Man Repeller

Leandra Medine has got to be one of my favourite fashion icons. Her eclectic personal style inspires women young and old to push the boundaries of fashion, experiment with prints, colours, textures and shapes, and encourages them to truly encapsulate the mindset of the man repeller; a woman who gives zero fucks what the opposite sex think of her clothing; she dresses for herself and no one else. Whats more, her journalistic empire has given a refreshing insight into the so-called ‘elite’ fashion industry, bringing an authentic sense of personality to her writing. Together with her team of total girl-bosses, Leandra has built a community of strong, independent fashion-forward thinkers. And that’s why I’m dedicating this blog post to Man Repeller, a fashion blog with a difference.


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The Transformative Powers of a New Haircut

Last week I was treated to a re-style at Austen Thomson Hair by the talented Lauren, who has developed a unique freehand cutting technique that managed to translate my novice ramblings of what I had in mind for my lanky locks into the ideal result; a cut that liberated me from flat, limp hair and a low-maintenance look so I could indulge my lazy side. I’m now the proud owner of a tousled, layered bob in fairy-cake pink, and couldn’t be happier!


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Big Hair Do Salon Event: Austen Thomson

On Wednesday I attended a wonderful event at boutique Leith hair salon Austen Thomson, The Big Hair Do, a nationwide celebration of hair salons organised by Layered and Creative Head, aiming to encourage people to try out new season styles, colours and products. 
Austen Thomson’s ethos is to Inspire and Evolve, with contemporary fashion trends translated into wearable hair styles, a wide selection of cutting edge product, and hugely knowledgable and talented stylists at hand. I had a wonderful time at the event and even discovered a new miracle product, read on to find out more!


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