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Adventures in Brighton

Dangerously Good Vintage Shopping, Amazing Vegan Brunches, Windy Coastal Walks and some Banging Nightlife…..

I just spent a long weekend in one of my favourite cities, Brighton, and thought I’d do a quick post with some must-do activities that everyone should do there.

Despite Storm Imogen raging her way through the town and not to mention a 10 hour megabus journey, I had the most fantastic time with friends and will never stop revisiting this seaside mecca.


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A-Z of Personal Style Advice

A little bird once told me that the worst men often give the best advice. I do not pride myself on being the best dressed, but I adore doling out my fashion advice or dressing others. I believe that it’s not about WHAT you wear, but how you wear it, and the image of yourself that you’d like to project, whether that’s hashtag girl boss or super chilled effortless chic.


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Moving to Scotland

It’s been nearly 3 years since I moved from Birmingham to beautiful Edinburgh, and lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on how it’s changed me and my lifestyle. It was a huge culture shock, more than I had originally thought, but I think I finally feel more at home than ever despite being the kind of person that never likes to settle in one place, mentally and physically, for too long. I thought I’d do a list of 4 things that moving to Scotland changed in me or that I found interesting, which may be relatable for other ex-pats out there!  (more…)

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Tourist Tale of New York Part 2

New York is such a big city so there’s an awful lot to tell you about, welcome to part two of this post (read part one here!)



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Tourist Tale of New York Part 1

A concrete jungle filled with bustling crowds, advertisements around every corner, a blur of yellow taxis and no time to rest, New York is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
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