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How to go Freelance: Blogging, Journalism and Social Media


Throughout my 2 and a half years of blogging, I’ve been doing other freelance work in the online sphere including journalism, content creation and social media management, partly to enhance my CV, partly to help pay the bills, and mainly because I love it! I thought I would share my experience and some basic advice for those looking to expand their roster beyond just their own domain because I believe that freelance is the future, and if you’ve got the skills to run a successful blog, you have the skills to work for other companies too!


All About my 2 Month Editorial Internship at SHOWstudio


SHOWstudio is the home of fashion film. This includes a film and photography studio shooting innovative projects for big independentΒ creatives, a luxury online store selling lines from the world’s most exciting fashion designers, and a bustling editorial department that covers the latest collections from fashion weeks in real time, all under the watchful eye of legendary fashion image-makerΒ Nick Knight. For the last 2 months I’ve been interning there. No biggie.


Edinburgh Blogger Conference

edinburgh-blogger-conferenceLast week I had the opportunity to take part in the panel discussions at the very first Edinburgh Blogger Conference. I’d never been to a conference before, let alone been a speaker at one, and such a niche event filled with such enthusiastic and inspiring people was the ideal chance to experience it all for the first time.