Events Edinburgh pop-up is an interiors brand that totally revolutionised the industry, working with talented furniture designers to create weekly collections of small-batch, limited edition products made sustainably to order. Design lovers like me, but with a tighter budget, rejoiced when finally released their new home accessories range, which includes the gorgeous vases, candles, crockery and cutlery in this picture. Also, Edinburgh folks rejoiced when announced a new pop up shop in Scotland’s capital, Made x Unboxed, which is running from now until the 5th February 2017, Open every day at 17 Dundas Street, a short walk from the Princes Street. 

I was lucky enough to attend a press dinner the night before the pop-up shop launched, where delicious food by Edinburgh foodie masters Dram & Smoke was served. We found out all about the concept, and chatted about great, affordable, accessible design over Hot Toddies and Haggis Bon Bons! Thank you for a fantastic event.
The main part of the pop-up shop is decorated like a living/dining room, with cosy armchairs, wall art and beautiful lamps, and through the back there’s a beautiful, luxurious bedroom. have totally transformed the space (which was previously Makers and Friends) into a stunning showroom; definitely worth popping along this month to browse!
This was my fab veggie menu on the night, served on beautiful teal dishes, modern glassware and gold cutlery. Vegetarian haggis bon bon on chestnut puree, crispy poached egg on pearl barley risotto, and Scottish cranachan/pannacota. Totally delicious!
All photos by Simon Williams
More information about the Edinburgh pop-up shop:

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Mark Vice: Metamorphosis

Scottish artist Mark Vice is embarking on an innovative project that will allow 25 participants to turn a year of their life into a work of art.  To celebrate the launch of his ‘Metamorphosis’ collection, Mark has hand painted 25 diaries that are to be used by art-loving participants throughout the year. Once completed, the diaries will be exhibited alongside his other artwork at an exhibition in early 2018. The diaries, which feature a mix of butterfly and dragonfly paintings, represent the process of change and transformation, otherwise known as metamorphosis.

The 23-year-old visual artist said: “I’ve been planning this project for some time and I’m super excited to finally get it off the ground!”

“I’ve always wanted to involve others in my artistic process but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so. It seems that 2016 was a rough year for many people, so this feels like the perfect time to do a project that is all about transformation and moving on.”

Mark went on to talk about his hopes for the project and why he thinks it’s important to look to nature for inspiration. 

He said, “I think this project is for people who really love art – essentially you are completing the artwork by filling in the missing details. I hope that it helps others to think more about their lives and I would love if the project was to inspire some positive changes in 2017.”

“The beauty of exploring nature through artwork is that it can teach us so much about ourselves – just like the caterpillar we are all capable of turning our lives around and making our world a more colourful and happy place. I’m really hopeful that the world can pull itself together in 2017 and move forward – it’s time to put these beautiful new wings to good use!”

Diaries are extremely limited and will be available until 1st February 2017. If you are interested in participating visit Mark’s website for full details:

A new contender on the British Pop Art scene, Mark Vice is a Scottish portrait artist with an eye for all things bold, sexy and downright fabulous! A fascination with pop culture inspires his vibrant drip art and splatter art portraits, which explore the themes of celebrity, commercialism and sex. Described as a cross between Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, Mark’s intuitive and expressive painting style is immediately recognisable across each of his eclectic painting series. As a contemporary Scottish portrait painter Mark combines his interests in fashion, celebrity culture and Scottish iconography to create artwork that is fresh, unique and outspoken. Whether it is an enchanting female nude or a Karl Lagerfeld painting from his celebrity pop art series, Mark’s work is never shy of daring. 

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Makers and Friends Edinburgh

If you’ve been reading Urbanity for a while now, you’ll know that I do love a pop-up shop. From Wear Eponymous to Scotland Redesigned, and from Craft Scotland and Urban Reivers to Don’t Look Lingerie and Isolated Heroes, Scotland has been spoilt for choice recently of independent, local designers in exciting new retail experiences. While these fab pop-ups are sadly over, fortunately I’ve discovered a new one just in time fro Christmas; Makers and Friends. From now until the 19th of December, you can shop from a range of UK artists, designers and makers at 17 Dundas Street, Edinburgh.

Makers and Friends is an idea that was conceptualised by Zen Zhou, a London-based jewellery maker and blogger at After selling her beautiful handmade products at various craft fairs with little success, she noticed that it didn’t make much sense to have every designer at separate stalls just waiting for customers to come by; why not collaborate with other makers and create a specialised series of pop-up shops across the UK where the makers could have their stock introduced to new markets in a dedicated retail space, as well as introduce their disciplines to customers with creative workshops in ring making, pom poms and wire work to name a few! It was great to discover some new independent artists, like Chau Art who creates intricate paper-cut greetings cards that I just couldn’t resist buying, but it was also brilliant to see some more local brands, like Lucky Cloud Skincare (read all about Lucky Cloud here). To find out more about Makers and Friends, check out their gorgeous instagram or visit their website to get involved!

If you do one thing this Christmas, consider buying your gifts from independent designers and makers. Scotland is so full of creative talent just waiting to be discovered and in most cases it is no more expensive than the high street, and much better quality, not to mention more unique. 

Anyone that knows me knows how much I care about the #shoplocal movement, and I think at such a busy retail time everyone should make more considered and ethical purchases, supporting the circular economy instead of the fat cats of big brands.

Every time you buy something from a creative they do a little happy dance inside!

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An Ode to Boom Saloon

Photo by David N. Anderson

On Thursday night I went to a party at St Stephens church in Stockbridge. There was a DJ booth at the organ and the altar was filled with magazines and balloons. The pews were filled with creatives from around Edinburgh and beyond, drinking Brewgooder Clean Water Lager and munching on macaroni pies and cinnamon swirls from Twelve Triangles. In place of the priest and the preacher were Rachel and Jamie, creators of Boom Saloon, a new Edinburgh-based monthly editorial magazine (although that word sounds frivolous, I would call it an exhibition in print form, a scrapbook of creativity perhaps). 

As one of Boom Saloon’s kickstarter backers (you can watch the amazing Kickstarter campaign video here, produced by Campfire), I received a boom badge, t-shirt, bag, and of course Issue 001 of the magazine. The next day I immediately devoured its content and instantly fell in love. As a fashion communication student, every page inspired a new way of looking at print media, from the unconventional front cover to the juxtaposition of images in double page spreads. The articles are totally engrossing, full of rich ideas from emerging opinionists. 

Photo by David N. Anderson

Boom Saloon is:

“A magazine to reshape the creative landscape, championing talent of all forms in a movement for good.”

What does this mean? The magazine covers a huge range of cultural issues from contributors from around the world all from various backgrounds; Boom Saloon does not discriminate.

What’s more the team work on different social project with each issue. The first project, supporting underprivileged youth in Muirhouse, is already underway, with Boom Saloon’s creators working with the local community.

The launch night was a brilliant spectacle, and full of familiar faces like photographer Ellie Morag and Counterpoint zine editors Sam Bradley and Bethany Thompson. But whats more exciting than any party is the bright future of this enterprise, and I can’t wait to see whats in store. Check it out for yourself here!

‘Odes’ is my new monthly blog post series focussing on celebrating exceptional creative publications that I admire and aspire to, for their gripping journalism, beautiful photography, inspiring layouts and fascinating online features. Have you read my other ‘odes’ yet? 
An Ode to The Gentlewoman

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Herald Fashion Awards

So, although you all probably know already because I won’t shut up about it on social media, I thought I’d do a blog post about the Herald Fashion Awards too, cause you know, Fashion Blogger of the Year baby! I’m still in total shock that I was nominated yet alone the winner of such a prestigious award, considering the bloody amazing competition! It was a genuinely fantastic night and I still cannot wipe the smile off my face. Read on to see who all the wonderful winners were in the different online fashion categories, all based right here in Scotland.

The Best Use of Online Marketing was awarded to Instrmnt, a Glasgow watchmaker creating timeless quality timepieces. Aimee Kent won Best Sustainable Online Business, for her ethically produced surface pattern design and textile products.

Nu Blvck, my absolute favourite sustainable Scottish fashion brand run by the inspirational Becca and Andrew, were awarded the Best Online Newcomer award; their success in just a few short months is incredible, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Trakke, an accessories brand for the outdoor adventurer, were multi-award winners, going home with both Online Accessory Retailer of the Year, and Best Fashion Twitterati. Edinburgh knitwear brand Yellow Bubble, now available at The Scottish Design Exchange was awarded Scottish Fashion Graduate of the Year.

It was great to meet the team from kidswear brand Shapes of Things, who walked away with the prestigious Peoples’s Choice Award, while Edinburgh tweed establishment Walker Slater won Scottish Online Retailer of the Year and bespoke headwear designer Maggie Mowbray Millinery were awarded Luxury Online Boutique of the Year.

And finally, as strange as it sounds to say this, I was absolutely astounded to receive the Blogger of the Year for Scotland award sponsored by Therapie Clinic!

Look out for a post coming soon all about my beautiful bespoke dress from Birds of Prayers!
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