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Belfast Vintage Shopping

Last weekend I hopped over to Belfast, Northern Ireland, for a long weekend staying with a friend who works across there. I really enjoyed seeing the sights (a highlight was City Halls lit up with rainbow colours for Gay Pride!), exploring the bustling nightlife scene, and even going to a music festival for the day, Sunflower Fest!  But most of all, I adored the cluster of unique vintage shops. From rare retro finds like 80’s high tops and sports jackets, to classic vintage accessories and libraries full of second hand books, Belfast really had it all. My friend and I spent a good few hours browsing various stores, and of course came home with a few pieces, so I decided to compile a list of our top three favourites here, in no particular order, for anyone visiting Belfast who loves a good rummage around in rails of gorgeous one-off clothing.


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A Fast Fashion Realisation

Here’s a wee story for you. Whilst shopping in Glasgow I found myself in the infamous low quality fast fashion superstore Primark , after a frustrating lack of affordable metallic pleated skirts (I really want one after falling in love with this Christopher Kane one) in other shops in the city. I found a decent one that fit, for £13 and on my way to the till picked up a couple of packs of tights and socks, a basic stripy t-shirt and a black playsuit on sale for £5. The queue was typically long, so I took some time to examine my garments. All of them were made in Mongolia, Bangladesh or China. All of them had at least one flaw in the seam or finish. All of them were made of thin, flimsy synthetic fabrics, and all of them were so cheap it would be impossible for a basic living wage to be paid. I suddenly realised that by supporting this company I am contributing to the very problem I advocate against in my work.

This wonderful photo of Sarah Ewen is from the #Edfashion Drink and Draw event last year. 


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Fashion Revolution 2016

“The true Fashion Revolution will come when ‘Ethical Fashion’ is no longer a niche market. The future should aim for consumers tobe shopping for fashion that just so happens to be ethical. All aspects of production for all companies must be regulated, transparency demanded and fairness for workers and the environment held tantamount to design and price, and above profit. Ethical companies and ‪#‎WhoMadeMyClothes‬ are garnering change year on year, from consumer consciousness, to pressurising brands, to pushing those in government, powerful enough to alter garment, trade and work legislation to sanction those guilty of perpetuating injustice across supply chains. But in order for the injustices which surround the clothes we consume so freely to end, we as shoppers must first become aware of the humans behind our wardrobes, and remember them every time we see something we ‘need’.”


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Vintage Heaven at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

This Saturday, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair came to the beautiful Edinburgh Assembly Rooms, and jam packed it with stalls full of vintage and reworked fashion, as well as gorgeous jewellery and a retro make-up and hair service! I regularly work for Judy’s as a promoter, but this time I just shopped to my heart’s delight!

Find out more at


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5 Ways to Clear out your Closet

We’ve all had that moment when we stare hopelessly at a wardrobe crammed full of clothes, but have ‘nothing to wear’. I like to call it a Wardrobe Full Of Nothing. When this disheartening realisation occurs, one must clear out said closet. I wanted to show you some simple ways of disposing of unwanted clothes, rather than going for the not very sustainable ‘chucking them in the bin’ method!


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