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Olivia Burton Watches



I’ve been following contemporary London-based timepiece brand Olivia Burton Watches on social media for a while now, and recently received two beauties from they fall collection, so I couldn’t help but take lots of pretty pictures! Not only are the watches fashion-forward, elegant and minimalist (my favourite aesthetic!) but the quality is so great you’d guess the price tag much higher than it is. What’s more, Olivia Burton now have a huge range of Vegan Friendly watches made using cruelty-free leather! 


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Autumn Accessory Essentials

The leaves are turning brown and the haar is drawing in, Autumn is here, and although its fabulous to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes again, personally I’m panicking about what to wear every morning. Its an awkward transitional time, with bright sunny days with random rain and shine, never being able to predict the temperature, so I’ve been desperately searching for fashion inspiration that actually matches Scottish weather

Autumn/Winter trends tend to repeat every year because its a time of year that people revert to the classics. Think staple white shirts, suede ankle boots, trench coats and warm, earthy colours. 

Instead, this season I’m focussing on changing up my accessories to update those failsafe autumn outfits, and instead of feeding my shopping addiction, I decide to delve deep into my existing wardrobe.

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Anthropologie Appreciation

One semester at university I was assigned to write a couple of reports on a fashion retailer of my choice, so naturally I opted for one of my favourite shops on the high street.Anthropologie is utterly unique in my eyes, offering a diverse assortment of women’s fashion, accessories and home décor which exhibits global influences from independent designers, so I wanted to share with you guys my Report on Anthropologie Edinburgh and my Report on Anthropologie as a company for anyone interested in the world of fashion retail. 

Pictured is me in my favourite embroidered crop top, which is now on sale! 

Read more to check out my Anthropologie wishlist, all currently on sale, now with an extra 20% off, and click on the pictures to shop now!


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I Heart Rodarte

Today’s post is short but sweet, and for no other reason than my infatuation with luxury womenswear label Rodarte, an American brand based around the concepts of modern femininity, intricate craft and fine art. launched back in 2005 that seems to be on every fashion insider’s radar 24/7.


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Summer Style Haul

Although my bank account would sourly disagree, I am a true believer in retail therapy. Whenever I’m feeling down, a sparkly new pair of shoes, a new party dress or some colourful lipsticks never fail to cheer me up. 

Of course, I realise that it is beyond a cliche for bloggers to do ‘hauls’ that rub their perky financial situations in their reader’s faces, and thats why I have never done one before, but believe me when I tell you I am broke. And that after today’s spontaneous shopping spree, I’m back on a strict budget to save for my new flat, an you know, so I can eat. Also, thanks to the Summer sales, I got a few bargains, including heavily discounted Topshop (I’m talking a bra for £1) and H&M goodies, and a gorgeous new vintage rucksack from Godiva Boutique

As Donna from Parks and Recreation would say, Treat. Yo. Self. 

Anyway, read on for my thoughts on some lovely new products!


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