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Isle of Skye Candle Company

I first heard of, or rather smelled, the Isle of Skye Candle Company when I was working at Limited Edition, Scotland Redesigned’s Edinburgh Christmas pop-up shop, where we sold hundreds of these bad boys. Founded and based in the picturesque Isle of Skye, the environmentally-focussed brand produces candles, diffusers and  more in countless delectable fragrances and beautiful designs. Skye Candles have grown from a one-man-band in a grass-roofed bothy to an omni-channel company with stores all across Scotland. Here I discovered a little more of their ethical practise and found some new products that fit beautifully in the home.


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British Fashion Designers Making Waves

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Not Just a Label (NJAL) again after watching the Show Studio fashion week panels and getting bored of shopping from the same old designers on ASOS, and have discovered some amazing new labels all from art schools in the UK. In these turbulent post-Brexit times, I think its more important than ever to celebrate creative talent from all over the world that has come to Britain to get top-quality fashion education and stayed to start successful brands here. At my own university, Heriot Watt School of Textiles and Designs, many of the programmes are EU-funded, as are courses all over the UK, and the future is now uncertain. Anyway, here are 5 fashion designers to watch that I discovered on NJAL; Sofia Ilmonen, Hangjun Jo, Anita Nemkyova, Shauni Douglas and Charlie May.


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The Stockholm Fashion List

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to visit one of my dream destinations, Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, and I totally fell in love with the design-centric physique of the city, from interior design and architecture to the chic, minimalist street style. I managed to visit a few cult Swedish fashion stores like Weekday, Cos and Acne, and discovered a cool indie designer boutique too. Read on to see the shops to visit while you’re in Stockholm. You’re in for a very stylish treat. (more…)

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2016 Global Fashion Industry Round-up

2016 has been a volatile year for the global economy and its politics, with terrorist attacks, stock market crashes, Brexit and the US election. All of these things have a huge effect on the fashion industry, with masses of changes happening in the market at every level. Overall growth has slowed, which has caused many fashion brands to totally re-think their strategies. Whats more, our increasingly digital-focussed lives, the globe has become smaller than ever, and the industry are under increased pressure to communicate in a more transparent way. Photos by Dominic Martin.


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Ultimate Edinburgh Christmas Shopping Guide

Welcome to my ultimate guide to Christmas Shopping in Edinburgh, from independent retailers! Theres been a quote floating around the web lately that I adore:“When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance!” I’m so passionate about shopping local that I’ve attempted to get most of my Christmas shopping done from independent brands this year, and I think you should too. Many people, including myself in previous years, just stick to Princes Street and the likes, but don’t consider the small fries, that often depend on the festive period to tide them over for the slower spring.  Not only are you contributing to a more circular economy and closed loop, but your gifts will be more individual, special and unique too! 
For clothing and accessories, there is a plethora of indie shops popping up around Edinburgh. If it’s a gal pal you’re buying for, I recommend Ladyboss Collective, an eclectic little nail salon that also stocks designs from emerging Scottish fashion brands like Yellow Bubble and Dreamland, as well as cool cosmetics and gifts. 
One of my regular shopping stops is Godiva Boutique, and at the moment they have a fabulous selection of products from independent designers (and vintage gems) that are perfect for Christmas, like gorgeous Karen Mabon scarves and hand-knitted mittens for big kids and little kids by Eka.


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