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Best and Worst of Fashion Month Spring/Summer ’18


 Fashion month is finally over, and I’ve been covering the most important shows and presentations for Fashion Fix Daily alongside the team of fashion-obsessed writers, including Honey Pop Kisses, Bee Waits and Forever Yours Betty. Here, I’ve rounded up my best and worst picks from New York, London, Milan and Paris, with key snippets from in-depth reviews the FFD gang has written.


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My Jewellery Wishlist with Cherry Soda

cherrysodajewelleryLately, my love for jewellery (especially anything minimalist, clean and chic) has been reignited, with a little help from Cherry Soda. As I spend so much time scrolling online for potential new pieces, I thought I would put together a wishlist of the top twenty affordable jewellery items I’m coveting right now; and the best part is that you can get all of these products for yourself at 20% off from using the code URBANITY20 now!


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Trend Tuesday: Sixties Swing


From the moment I spied this sultry sixties leather coat, I fell head over heels in love, and have been wearing it pretty much every day since, so here’s an entire blog post dedicated to my new favourite jacket in the world.


Self Care Sunday

evil queen candle cherry soda

Sundays for me have always been busy, with either work or social commitments piling up, left over from the rest of the week, so it can be hard for me to kick back and relax. Now, with a little help from some simple pleasures, just an hour out of my day can be spent away from screens and inboxes for a much-needed dose of self care.


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