Cruelty Free Face Products

I was having a very bad skin day, as you can see on the left, but with a few lotions and potions, I easily turned that around. 

The best part? All the products I used are 100% cruelty free (excluding parent companies e.g. L’oreal/Unilever that do), so no nasty animal testing. What’s more, they mostly contain natural and hypo-allergenic ingredients, so great news for sensitive skin! 

For a full breakdown and review of the look, read on, and for a master list of all the cruelty-free make up brands on the market, click here! 

I started off with some much needed prep this morning; a face mask and a bubble bath, as I was feeling ill too so it killed two birds with one stone. I absolutely adore Superdrug’s own brand range of face masks. They all smell good enough to eat and really make you feel pampered. After rinsing the White Chocolate Mousse mask off, I used Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (one of my goodie bag treats from the Hunted Vintage launch event) which I have totally fallen in love with. After use, your skin feels soft, clean and primed to perfection. Some Soothing Facial Toner and Hydrating Light Moisturiser from Simple did the trick to fully clear my face of all dirt, make up and oils, and thoroughly smoothed the surface.

Now for the fun part: the make up! I discovered a new haven for cruelty free, natural make up, somewhere I would never normally venture to for cosmetics. Good old M&S! Marks and Sparks have some great new brands, including Pürminerals, which is a little pricey but definitely worth it once you try. The Correcting Primer is really amazing, not only does it make your skin feel like a cloud (so damn soft!) but the greenish colour means that redness (something I am prone to) is dramatically reduced and controlled. I topped it off with their 4-in-1 foundation which is really light and easy to apply, gives SPF protection and promises 14 hour wear! Finally, I finished the look with the new contouring and highlighting crayons by Rosie for Autograph (curated by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). The Starstruck Contour stick applied on my cheekbones, nose and jawline gave my face a much more chiselled appearance, and the Starstruck Highlighter on the upper cheeks and browline gave a subtle shimmer and shine. 
Look out for this ‘Leaping Bunny’ symbol on cosmetic and cleaning products to guarantee no animal testing or animal ingredients!
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Top 5 Beauty Buys

Now I’m no self-proclaimed beauty expert, make up artist or health guru like an alarming number of fashion bloggers these days seem to be, but I do love it when product does EXACTLY what it says on the tin. I’ve got thin hair, sensitive skin and brittle nails, so when I find a good beauty saviour it really does make my day. So many brands churn out endless so-called ‘miracle’ products, but I tend to ignore the hype and stick with solid results! Here are five little lovelies (All under £10) that have simply worked for me this month.

Bourjois Nail Polish

I usually go for Barry M, Revlon or Rimmel when it comes to nail varnish as they are cheap, reliable and come in a bigger range of colours, but I picked out this Bourjois bottle mainly because the packaging intrigued me, and I wanted a gel/shellac like finish as I’m so tired of chipped nail paint! This dark, rich red has a subtle shimmer and the brush allows for super-quick, neat application.

Dead Sea Mineral Face Mask

My skin has been breaking out a lot lately due to stress and diet, so on my last supermarket dash I grabbed a face mask to sort it out a little. Surprised at how effective this mask was (for only £1.00 and with about 3 applications worth of product), I am certainly going to re-buy. My spots have noticeably cleared and my sin feels a lot softer. The mask has a delightful texture and smells amazing; such a treat for tired skin.

OGX Argan Oil Shampoo

For fine and damaged hair, this Organix (OGX) Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo has been a lifesaver. It’s super rich and nourishing but without being too heavy or greasy, so it’s fine for a daily wash! It’s also organic and gentle, and protects hair from heat damage = result!!!

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Normally I opt for a standard liquid eyeliner, from Collection 2000, for my signature little black flicks, but decided I wanted something a bit different. This gel eyeliner comes with a double edged brush and unlike other gels I’ve tried, it doesn’t dry out, and has staying power but still wipes off easily. What’s great is that you can create a really strong, graphic line in solid black.

Zara Perfumes

Many of us are fooled by brand names, advertising, celebrity endorsement and buying into luxury, but trust me when I say you don’t always need to splash out. I’m not claiming these scents from a high street chain match up to Marc Jacobs, Gucci or Jean Paul Gaultier, but they smell absolutely lush, and surely that’s the purpose of a perfume! ‘Oriental’ and ‘Fruity’ are my favourites.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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Vegan Beauty

New Year’s Resolution number one: continue working on veganising my life! For the past few months I’ve been making changed to my diet to try and exclude animal products, and had a think about my clothing choices too (see my cruelty-free fashion posts here and here) But the next step is to makeover my make-up bag! Toiletries and cosmetics are a tricky one, as I feel it is more ethical to finish using all my existing products instead of throwing them away, and in general, labelling is more complicated than it is on food. I’ve put together a shortlist of the best vegan and vegetarian beauty brands out there, for myself and anyone else making the decision to change their shopping habits for the better!

Jeffree Star 

Just one look at Jeffree Stars’ Instagram and you will fall in love with their legendary ‘Lip Tars’. My personal favourite colours are Androgyny and Unicorn Blood. You can shop online at

Lime Crime 

Lime Crime is a totally vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company. They are famous for their bright, long lasting velveteen lips and beautifully designed packaging. Check out their website


Fresh, handmade bath bombs, hair products, body creams, soaps and more. And all Lush products are 100% vegetarian and never tested on animals. Shop online at

The Body Shop

The Body Shop claim to be 100% Vegetarian but not Vegan as they do use some animal derived products, such as beeswax and honey, but cause no harm to animals. I received some lovely (vegan!) goodies for my birthday, including the Coconut Body Milk, available here and the Lip and Cheek crayon, available here.


Elf stands for Eyes, Lips Face, and this brand provides super-low-budget cosmetics and state that they do not test on animals or endorse such practices. Their products do not contain animal derived ingredients (excluding beeswax), and they currently support HSUS and  PETA . Shop online here.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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DIY Pampering with Avocado, Lemon and Tea Tree

Avocados have so many benefits; from tasting damn great mashed on toast with a sprinkle of cracked black pepper, to providing the essential healthy fats and oils that boost health and fertility. With leftover avocados in the fruit bowl that were far too ripe to eat I decided to make myself a face mask from the superfood. Feeling in the pampering mood, after an exhausting and dreary week, I also whipped up a DIY hand soak for my dry, cracked nails.


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