The Secret to Lasting Pink Hair

Having been a true blonde, a grey granny, a bleach blonde, a silver fox and a lilac violet, I have finally settled on pink hair. After years of admiring stunning bloggers like Honey Pop Kisses (hair goals!) and trawling through Tumblr and Pinterest for inspiration, I bit the bullet and got my hair dyed a dusty rose shade at cult Glasgow salon, Blow (read about my experience here!), but unfortunately this kind of ‘fashion colour’ never lasts more than a few weeks, and is generally quite high maintenance.

However, I am proud to claim I have discovered the answer to (semi) permanent pastel pink hair! Read on to find out the two miracle products you will need to stay pretty in pink for months after your salon treatment! The best part? You can do it all for under £10! Perfect for my new student budget!

So the first of the two solutions I’ve discovered for anyone looking to maintain that baby pink glow is by cruelty-free, fun loving hair care brand Lee Stafford. The product is called Kiss of Colour: Playful Pink and is available at Boots for just £5.99, and currently on a 3 for 2 offer, from their ‘Bleach Blondes’ range.

It’s essentially a shampoo that temporarily tops up your hair with pink dye, lasting for a few washes. Personally, I’ve been using it every time I wash my hair, only leaving it in for a few seconds, as otherwise it comes out really bright, and I prefer a paler shade. 

The results are totally instant, and it keeps your colour vibrant and hair healthy when followed with any conditioner (I tend to use Aussie, Lee Stafford or Herbal Essences). The 150ml bottle has lasted me about a month, so its definately got great value for money. A miracle product in my eyes!

Next up, we have cult New York fashion colour brand , Manic Panic. I have been using the shade ‘Fleurs Du Mal’ (French for Flowers of Evil!) in the ‘Creamtone Perfect Pastel’ range, which is specially designed for subtle muted tones. 

I bought this from Blow, the aforementioned Glasgow hair salon, and you can shop online at as well for about £10.

Instead of applying this hair colour cream as a traditional semi-permanent dye, I have been mixing a dollop (about how much ketchup you would put on a plate of chips!) of the product into my normal conditioner, or if my hair is feeling a little dry, I combine it with a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask. I leave it in for about 5 or 10 minutes and it works perfectly to even out all the pink tones and correct any areas that have faded or become brassy.

Remember, pastel pink will not work unless you have light blonde hair as a blank canvas to begin with. You can bleach using shop-bought peroxide kits, but I would definately recommend getting it done professionally to avoid hair damaged and ensure you don’t end up with yellow or orange locks!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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Saunt and Sinner x Lauren Gollan

Last Sunday, myself and the #girlboss team from The Scottish Design Exchange; Lynzi Leroy, founder and director, Judith Hamilton-Wright, artist and head of fine art, plus Jodie Given, visual merchandiser and head of product design, attended a wonderful event at The Arches, New Waverley in Edinburgh.  The event was a celebration of a successful creative collaboration between Glasgow fashion brand, Saunt & Sinner (headed by the talented Scottish designer Toni Roddie) digital artist Vincent Wolf, and the Lauren Gollan Academy of Make Up Artistry, coming together to create and promote the Flux collection, combining classic womenswear, digital prints, virtual reality and high fashion make-up looks.

After a drink (or three) and some industry mingling, we got stuck in with trying out the VR headsets, and view the Vincent Wolf digital art exhibition, which gave us an insight into the inspiration behind the contemporary womenswear collection (which you can still buy online here!). 

I was really drawn to the way that a virtual, digital world has been flawlessly interlinked with physical, wearable product. Technology and Fashion has certainly been a hot topic since the Manus x Machina Met Gala, so I think its wonderful to see this high fashion trend being translated into local, accessible designs. 

I couldn’t help but do a little shopping while the rest of the team enjoyed the bespoke DJ set, and came home with a classic Saunt & Sinner brand t-shirt (which I can’t stop wearing!) and the brand’s classic ponyskin buckle choker. 

I also treated my new flat to a print, ready to be framed, depicting a digital art landscape of clean lines, bold shapes, and even snippets of Lauren Gollan make-up looks, creating a really high-fashion, minimalist mixed media aesthetic. It was great to chat with creative director Toni Roddie about this fantastic creative collaboration that flawlessly marries art, technology, fashion and beauty.

After the drinks reception, which marked the end of a mini weekend pop-up shop Toni had been running, we had the chance to experience a make-up and hair masterclass with the Lauren Gollan and Charlie Miller team, demonstrated on models wearing the new collection from Saunt & Sinner, which will be available soon! It as great to see Lauren Gollan, celebrity  make-up artist with a host of catwalk and editorial experience, giving her take on AW/16 beauty trends, such as graphic eyeliner, high gloss lips, nude pallettes, glitter and sparkles. For Edinburgh make-up enthusiasts, Lauren Gollan teaches her renowned techniques at her new academy of make-up artistry in The Arches.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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New Bobbi Brown Flagship

This time last week I attended one of the best blogger events I’ve been to this year (my favourites have got to be the Deliveroo 1st Birthday Party,  Hunted Vintage SS16 launch and the Barburrito Burrito Masterclass!), the launch party for the brand new Edinburgh flagship Bobbi Brown store on George Street. I was really excited to attend as I’ve always really loved Bobbi Brown make-up and skincare products, not only for their foolproof contents but for the stunning packaging. The store itself is decorated and styled to complete brand perfection, and on the night the room was filled with giant balloons and streamers, as well as a female DJ, Prosecco, canapés, goodie bags and even a Haig Club whisky bar, whats not to love?


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Cult Glasgow Salons

Earlier this week I went through to Glasgow for the launch of new artisan Scottish fashion brand Nu Blvck and decided to make a day out of it by finally christening my hair and nails with some treatments at two salons I’ve been worshipping on Instagram for far too long, Blow and NAF.

Blow is  a ‘Colour Asylum’ (not as scary as it sounds! They specialise in perfecting fashion hair and use cult vegan cruelty-free hair dye Manic Panic) located both in the hip Finnieston and Shawlands areas of the city. It is renowned for creating the famous glitter roots, rainbow dyed hair, on-trend braids and bangs, and now launching their very own hair styling academy for the next generation of salon talent. I decided to get my roots back to blonde and then my whole hair dyed a pale pink ‘vintage rose’, along with an Olaplex treatment to save my damaged locks, and a sharp new cut.

I think even more than just the fantastic hair, its the beautiful interiors and lively atmosphere at Blow that makes it so much more than your average hairdressers. From rainbow lights and unique furniture to a soundtrack of great tunes and fashion shows playing on repeat, you really do feel like you’re in another world. I mean, how many salons treat you to milkshakes, cocktails and popcorn while you wait? 

All the staff are super friendly and make you feel really special, from your first consultation, all the way up to that famous selfie on the #Blow wall! 

I would definately recommend following them on Instagram, for some serious hair inspiration!

Next up, there’s NAF! Salon, in central Glasgow. Fun fact: Naf stands for Nails And Face, because this cult fashionista hangout offers a range of beauty treatments too as well as their famously sassy nail art. 

You can check out their Instagram for proof of the talent of the lovely team, from Pokemon inspired nails, to seaside pedicures, glitter/festival mania, gothic shapes and intricate geometric details.

I opted for a classic Shellac/gel nails treatment, as I need something easy for work. This metallic sparkly pale pink immediately caught my eye, and I loved the friendly chat, free sweeties, amazing interiors and super-quick service at the salon. A must-buy when at NAF is their own range of cuticle oils to elongate your manicure’s lasting power, in Mango, Peppermint and Cherry!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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The Psychology of Make Up

For my week in Argyll (Read all about it here!), I decided to give my skin and daily routine a break by not wearing any make up at all. Well, except from Carmex lip balm because without it I feel lost!I though, I’ll be in the middle of nowhere, no one is going to care if I don’t have a full face of foundation on. Its a scary step for me because I’ve always been pretty self conscious of my broken nose but I actually found it pretty empowering The fresh air paired with a couple of Superdrug mud masks has really cleared up some stubborn spots, so overall I think my skin is thanking me for it! However, I feel a million times more confident now I’m re-united with my cosmetics collection, so I’ve been thinking about why women wear make-up, or why they don’t, and whether its similar to how I feel. Read on to see the answers from lots of lovely Edinburgh Bloggers in response to my wee ‘Psychology of Make-up’ survey.

“I wear make up as I feel like it’s a part of my identity and when I go all out I feel like I can express myself with it.

When I don’t wear make up its usually cause I want to give my skin a chance to breathe but I feel self conscious without it.”

“I wear make up because I think it makes me look better. I’m really pale so notice uneven skin tone and blemishes, even tiny ones. I also look a bit unwell if I don’t have any blusher on! I think you can also express a bit of your personality through make up-I like the vintage look so am a fan of eyeliner flicks and a bright lip. 

When I don’t wear make up it is usually because I’m exercising or having a day in the house. I would rarely go out without any on.”

– Kayleigh Crawford from

“I wear make-up because I actually like applying on my face! I enjoy all the stages and I love how it looks on my face! 

I also wear makeup to help cover up any blemish and my rosy red cheeks! 

I look about 12 without makeup on!”

– Emma Langlands from

I wear make up mainly due to how creative you can be with it. Like fashion, I think make up is great way to express yourself. I also will wear simple make up as I do feel I look my best with it on. 

If I am not wearing make up it is either down to letting me skin breath or down to laziness ha. I wouldn’t feel good going to events or meeting friends without make up but I feel like I can go out without it if I’m just going to the shops or work.”

– Emily Anne Campbell from

 “I wear makeup to signal to myself that I’m dressing up and showing up for the day, or to feel/look more professional on camera, or at events. Most days though, I don’t wear makeup because I forget or don’t feel like it”

Xandra Robinson-Burns

“It depends. Daily I wear it to cover blemishes but if my skins good I don’t. If I’m going out its to be creative and see what she look I can create”

“I wear makeup if I’m going out to meet friends, to an event, or if I have a meeting – but I don’t tend to wear much and it tends to be mostly lipstick and a bit of eyeliner. It makes me feel like it’s more of an occasion. 

Day-to-day I’d feel naked without some kind of lipstick or gloss, but I usually don’t wear any other than that.”

“I wear a full face of make up if I’m going to an event as I feel it polishes the whole look together. Day to day at least some tinted lipstick and some chapstick gives my skin abit of a glow if I’m wearing nothing else”

– Cera Kamonji from

“Day to day, I don’t wear much make up (only for eyebrows) bc I’m lazy and I want to lie in as much as possible for work, so spending time doing up my face is something I can give up on.

I put a bit more effort into wearing make up when I’m going out for an event or special occasions, so whenever I dress up bc I feel like your whole look isn’t complete without it. I’m wearing a nice dress, I’m all dressed up, but my face isn’t? I just don’t feel right without it, even if it’s just some mascara, lipstick and eyeliner”

– Michelle Cunningham from

Why do you wear make-up, or why don’t you? Let me know in the comments!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx

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