A recent visit to lingerie boutique Boux Avenue (http://www.bouxavenue.com), during the Union Square shopping centre (http://www.unionsquareaberdeen.com) student lock-in, brought me two unwelcome surprises. 

Firstly, I discovered the bra size I thought I had was entirely wrong by a long shot, and secondly, I realised that the remainder of my student loan is going to have to be spent on the irresistible products at this ridiculously inviting store.

A lovely sales assistant, Emma, gave me a free fitting and then I went on to peruse the selection. I knew I desperately needed some good basics, so started out with the Microfibre T-shirt Bra which I bought in both black and white.
One for the wishlist was this gorgeous Lace and Satin Plunge Bra which came with perfectly matching undies as part of Boux Avenue’s buy one get one free deal.

The pretty pink bra on the left fit beautifully and was smooth like a t-shirt bra so would be perfect for sheer/tight tops. The lacy navy and neon yellow bra on the right was actually in the sale for £12 so I snapped it right up!

Overall, i think my experience was actually more about the service than the products. From incredibly helpful and reassuring staff, free fittings, gorgeous interiors, and tiny details other stores don’t consider, from the lighting in the changing rooms, a concierge service, student discount and a VIP club. Boux Avenue has, much to my bank balance’s dismay, become a regular hit on my shopping trips!
Ruth @ Urbanity xxx


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  1. Hiya! Saw your blog on the Fashion Management page (I'm a second year) and your blog seems pretty sweet, I had the exact same with Boux Avenue haha! I've only recently started out blogging but would love you to check it out missshan.com, any tips or comments would be great! 🙂 thanks! Shan xx