I  have suffered immensely throughout my life with my body image; whether that be my height, weight, shape, size, facial features, hair, skin or whatever else my negative brain decides to hassle me about. But I am working to combat this through various techniques, which I will outline below (click read more to see my 5 ways of dealing with bad body image days. Disclaimer: This has several shameless selfies in a futile attempt at self love.

As Drake would say, you only live once. Life is too short to let what you feel is ‘wrong’ about how you look and how others may or may not perceive it affect the important things in life, like your ambitions, achievements, relationships and most importantly your happiness and health. But sometimes the wee monsters in our head don’t care about who we are on the inside and project both our insecurities and the pressure of society’s body ideals onto our exterior (which- and this is a top secret here- is actually just a vessel for your inner soul; that’s what really matters.) and here are my two cents on how to manage when they do…

  1. Treat. Yo. Self. A phrase coined by Parks and Recreation (most hilarious show on Netflix) but it rings true. Feeling a little blue? Book a massage or a facial (I recommend Pure Spa) to really take your mind off things, or order that pair of Jefferey’s from Nasty Gal you’ve been lusting after. May not be a long-term solution but it will certainly give you a boost!


  1. If feeling ‘fat’ is the issue, you may just be a little bloated, whether its too much food/ certain types of food, such as salty things like sushi and ramen or heavy carbs like white pasta and potatoes. Instead of dwelling on what you ate, try distracting yourself, with a movie marathon or phone call with a friend. You can also help remedy the bloating with peppermint tea (my saviour!) or gentle yoga- cat,cobra,pigeon, frog, happy baby and downward dog poses all really help! If you’re a newbie, subscribe to Tara Stiles on youtube for tutorials.


  1. Dress for your shape! Nothing makes me feel good like putting on my favourite outfit. But first you have to know that not every look is made for every body, and no one, not even supermodels, will be flattered by all clothes, so don’t put yourself down if that leather pencil skirt-halter tank combo makes you look like a stripping orca. On my bad body days, I love throwing on leggings and a baggy jumper, or using layering to trick the eye, like with scarfs and jackets over a different length of dress or skirt. http://www.whowhatwear.co.uk/how-to-dress-for-body-type-pear-apple-hourglass is a great resource for body-dressing tips.


  1. Make a list (fun fact about me- I live by lists). Draw three columns- Acheivements, Strengths, Goals. In here could go things like “I helped a relative move house”, “I’m great at cooking” and “I want to get a promotion”. Basically, you are writing down the amazing things about you and showing the huge future ahead of you but in an easy way that won’t make you feel egotistical. Trust me, it will put things in perspective.


  1. Finally, look up. What do you see? I just did this, and I saw through the skylight in my little box-room at university. I saw clouds, tree tops, and the little feet of a bird pattering about. I saw autumn leaves scattered on the window. I also saw heart-shaped bunting hung high up on my walls, and I saw an inspirational message written on my whiteboard by my wonderful boyfriend. My point is, things are different when you realise what surrounds you. Step outside of yourself for just 30 seconds and you will realise that no matter how ‘huge’ or ‘ugly’ or whatever you feel, people love you, and the world continues spinning.

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx


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  1. Great post! Love the stepping outside one. I always get myself out of my room when I feel rubbish.theres something about getting fresh air which does the world of difference! I also put on red lipstick when I have a bad body image day. It just makes me feel 10x better!
    Katie X X