I’ve been meaning to write a review of my wonderful ASOS Africa dress for ages, so here it is! ASOS Africa is an ongoing fashion collection from a collaboration between the online retailer and clothing manufacturer Soko, available here. It is full of bold silouhettes, bright colours and eye-catching prints, reflecting tribal tradition but with a modern twist. The range is manufactured in Kenya where “each piece is made under fair-trade principles using local craftsmanship”. 


It’s always exciting getting an ASOS parcel in the post. Sarah and I are huge fans of the website, as shown by our ASOS Marketplace wish lists here and here! But this one was a little different; as you can see, my dress was packaged in a beautiful cotton drawstring bag (which I now use for taking jewellery on trips away!) printed with a stunning tribal pattern and some words in Swahili. The attention to detail for this whole collaboration really is admirable.

So, here is my dress! I do apologise for the shameless dirty mirror selfie but I’m sure you can still appreciate the gorgeously intricate print, handy adjustable spaghetti straps, contrast patchwork detailing and on-trend midi-length, slip dress style. My favourite element to the piece however is the sheer black panel across the knees, as you can see in the picture below. This adds a cool, contemporary feel to an otherwise very feminine look.


We are all guilty of buying mass-produced clothing from unethical retailers; often it’s unavoidable due to convenience or price. But you really can make a difference to textile workers and the environment by investing in something like this for your next occasion piece. Check out Asos’ Green Room here for more sustainable fashion!

Ruth @ Urbanity xxx



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